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TTC ..Need hope !! #Broken

Hello ladies 
This is my first time ever writing in any forum but I feel so sooo broken today.We have been ttc for 15 months now and I am eating every medicine I can to get pregnant but no luck.AF appeared today while I was being all positive that this is going to be our month.Why is it taking forever to get pregnant? :((


  • Hi, so sorry that its hard. Totally understand you... What do u do to make sure to maximise ur chances and how do u track ov?
  • If u havent been using OPK then I suggest u start using it and track your bbt it will help u understand ur cycle and pinpoint your fertile days
  • @meemee, sorry, don't loose hope. I'm in the same situation, we've been trying for 3yrs. its really exhausting and frustrating. 
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