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Advice needed please

Hi everyone, I did a pregnancy test yesterday morning with FMU and got a positive within 5 minutes. 

I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. 

This was the test I did yesterday morning but this morning I’ve had a negative 😔

I’ve done another of the same tests this morning and had a negative. 

Thank you


  • How many dpo are you? It could be that you've picked up a chemical pregnancy unfortunately 😞 
  • Hi, going off my ovulation strips I would say about 7 days ago roughly but I’m not 100% sure as ovulation strips aren’t always reliable for PCOS. 

    I’m really hoping if I test in a few days I’ll see a positive 🤞

    If not I’m going to guess it was a chemical pregnancy. 

    Thank you x
  • I don't think it's early mc, because u would start bleeding as soon as ur test goes negative. 

    I would assume one of tests was faulty, try different brand and fx!!
  • Thank you. I’ll see what happens x
  • So this happened this morning, maybe I didn’t have enough HCG yesterday or urine was quite diluted. I go to the toilet a few times during the night sometimes but I’m feeling pretty hopeful now xx
  • Looks good, just so another one in couple says and fx for definite confirmation x
  • Thank you! I will keep you updated xx
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