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had my period after having 2 faint line pregnancy tests and

right then i really thought i was preganant! i did 2 tests early n both came bk with 2 faint lines! I THEN DID ANOTHER 2 Tests but they came bk negative! i cam on my period as usuall but im still having really sore breasts n feel that sickly feeling sometimes!. if i did a pegnancy test now in the middle of my cycle would it show!?


  • Hiya Sgaliwags....I guess there a few possibilities. Was the period the same as usual? If it was lighter then maybe it could have been an implantation bleed and you are in fact which case yes you would get a BFP now as you would not REALLY be in the middle of your cycle. The other possibility is that it may have been a chemical pg where you got pg but it didn't develop properly.

    I REALLY hope it's the first. Good luck x
  • well i wasnt pg! try again this month i honestly thought i was that time to gutted! ive finally had our appointment for the gynacolegist tho! x
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