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Day 21 Blood Test

Hi Ladies

Well tomorrow I go to have my Day 21 blood test to see if my progesterone levels have risen since I have been on the clomid. I also wondered if they would be able to see if we have conceived already and whether it is worth asking the nurse when I see her if they could test for this as well. :\?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  • mmmmm not too sure mrs, think it would depend on when your egg imbedded you know how it can do this between 6 - 12 days after fertilisation so if it happened on day 6 this would be on day 20 but if day 12 a good few days to go??? Think I'm gonna go with no they won't be able to tell?? Obv not an expert but think methodically!!!!!!!! Keep looking out for those symptoms and good luck xx
  • Sorry this doesn't help much, Me and OH were wondering the exact same thing last night. When the specialist wrights back to me after day 21 bloods, it's always like, ''when AF arrives do this'', not ''IF AF avrrives'', so we wondered if they could tell from the results wether you have concieved or not.
  • Hi

    The 21 day test only measures Progesterone which should have peaked if you have ovulated. The only way they would be able to tell if we've conceived is if they do a hcg level, which they most likely wouldn't do this early on as it's not likely to be up yet.

    Hope this helps. Wouldn't it save so much agony every month if we could POAS the day after ovulation and get a reliable YES/NO!!! :\?
  • Moonbeam, Angel Wings and JCB'08

    Thanks for all your replies. I am just too impatient and keen to know if the clomid has worked first time. Oh well, back to waiting for 1 more week. hopefully it will fly by.

    Fingers crossed that we get our BFP's soon.

  • Hi MrsWard,
    When I had my 21 day bloods done I did actually conceive that cycle. They couldn't tell if I was pregnant at the time (and didn't think I would be). So sorry, they won't be able to pick it up. I also didn't get a BFP until 14 days after the blood were taken. We sadly lost our bean at 9wks though. Fingers crossed that you get your BFP soon.
    Lilou x
  • Lilou

    Thanks for your message and sorry for your loss.

    Fingers crossed for a BFP, I will try and hold out until testing next Tuesday 3rd March!

  • Well had the call and my progesterone was 35 which means I did ovulate, which is great news. My follicles were both on the right and as I have no right tube, my left tube is able to pick them up and they then use the left tube. Fingers crossed it has worked.

    I have been feeling quite queasy today since I had my breakfast and not sure if it is just wishful thinking.

    Will try to hold off until Tuesday 3rd March to test.

  • Congrats really happy for you lets hope were going to get a BFP from you, by the counds of it there should be quite a few in the pipeline xx, what is the normal range for prog? I'm assuming you know this!!!!! LOL xx
  • Hi Moonbeam

    Anything over 30 means ovulation has taken place.

    Not sure of a BFP, have been having spotting and a dull achey pain so decided to POAS on CD 24 and it was a BFN. Will now try and hold out until next Tuesday as think it may have been too early to show.

  • Just saw your other post after posting here. Sorry to hear about AF rearing her head!!
    Good news you OV though. Best wishes for next month..
    Lilou x

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