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Clomid CD25 and AF has Arrived!

Well this was our first round of clomid, and AF has decided to show her face early

Oh well onto month 2!

Good luck for all.

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  • Oh hun thats poo!!!

    U must have "ov'd" early, did u know you had?
    What were ur cycles like pre-clomid?

    Good luck for next month we can be almost cycle buddies if you like i'm cd3/1st month clomid.
  • Hi Lilac

    Had 21 day bloods on Monday and dev ovulated with a result of 35 apparently anything over 30 is a definite ovulate.

    Would be good to have a cycle buddy.

    Are you booked in for scans etc?
  • Thats excellent news that you ov'd, i know u didn't catch but still its good news- i've read so many stories where people haven't ov'd for the 1st few cycles.

    I'm not booked in for any scans/etc for the 1st 3 cycles on clomid. But IF i don't catch then back for higher dosage and will be tracked with scans and bloods etc.

    I'll be your cycle buddy then....hopefully i'll get a regualr cycle otherwise it'll be on my own!
  • I was tracked and had scans etc, but I had my right tube removed, and my follicles were on the right. Apparently the left tube can get the follicles from the right and transfer them!

    Fingers crossed and hope you get your bfp.

  • I have both tubes but one is completely blocked so i'm kinda in the same boat! Doctor told me the same thing when he was showing me a pic of my tubes! Apparently they're so close together that eggs can jump to the other tube- very weird!!!

    He did mention thou that having only one tube only reduces your chances by a few %as you should ovulate from both sides alternative months!

    Hopefully this will be the case for us!
    Clearly we're meant to be cycle buddies!
    Fingers crossed for this month!!
  • All the best
  • Sorry af arrived. But great news that you ov'd. Fingers crossed this cycle is the one!
  • Sorry to hear AF got you, but congrats on OV! Baby dust for next month.
    Lilou x
  • Hi image Iv just taken my first round of clomid, have my 12 day scan on monday to see how its reacting. Good to hear you ov'd & good luck for next month! image x
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