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Im Ovulating ( i think)

Hey ladies how are we all today? Sorry i havnt been on in a while Trying to take a little break as i am getting so over emotional with the whole TTC stuff so just trying to take a step back and relax.

I decided a few days ago i would see if i was ovulating after having some pain in ovary area that could have been yet another cyst or possibly ovulation. The test came up negative for ovulation back then but i decided to test again today and i got 2 lines saying i am ovulating CD 19. That was on ebay test so i took a clearblue ovulation test but that didnt give me a smile. A few friends have said that they never got a smile on clearblue and they are pregnant now so are they really trust worthy?

im trying not to gte my hopes up as my fertility DR says i dont ovulate and i will need to start clomid when my cyst from left ovary goes away. I am taking this as a good sign. Oh has his 30th bday in 2 weeks time and he asked me to get a BFP if i could lol and we have just worked out that if i test 2 weeks after Ovulation then that will be on his 30th birthday. Could this all be a huge sign that this is our time?? Sorry if i am going on a bit ladies just excited as its the 1st ovulation tests i have taken in 1 year LOL. XX


  • ylacoutts! That sounds very positive to me! Get Bding and I hope your OH has the best birthday present ever! I have never seen a smily face on a CB stick either put have had positives on opks! Wishing you all the luck in the world!
  • Im glad im not the only one who thinks this could be good to get a possitive OV test so thank you!

    I thought with clearblue being such a huge name they would be really good but looks like my ebay ones are the best lol. We did BD lastnight and will be again tonight! Every little helps haha :lol: XX
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