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Just wondered who is finding out if having boy or girl. We found out with DS but team yellow this time!


  • We have 3 dd's and we found out with them. But as this is our last we are staying team yellow x

  • We stayed yellow with our dd but will find out this time. Can't wait!!
  • Hubby has decided that he really wants to know the sex of the baby so we have now decided to find out and have booked a private gender scan for next sunday. Only 10 days to go x

  • Can't wait to c if you've got another pink or a blue! X

  • Lh86 I just know its another girl, I can just feel it. I think I would fall off the bed if they said it was a boy lol x

  • when the time comes i will have to know, but even this early im saying it will be another little boy for me xxxx

  • Sarah I think you just know what its going to be. A friend of mine had a little boy already at her 20 week scan with her 2nd was told it was a girl but it just didn't feel right so she didn't buy much pink and kept all her blue stuff and her baby was born a little boy so her gut feeling was right x

  • lol its odd how it all works, im defo sure its a little boy again image

  • Ooh exciting! If honest I'm not sure. Hubby's family boy strong so think will be boy but that's only reason I think that x
  • Hey girls I was in July but I've moved over, haven't logged on for a few week as there was only 2 girls on, I think I'm finding out, I've already got a near my 5 year old I was here March 2009, and loved the forum girls x

  • I cant wait for all of us to find out the sex.

    Allie I always thought I would have boys as my mum had 6 boys 2 girl's but I seem to be the opposite with 3 girls.

    Hi laura did your due date change at your scan, what is your new edd? X

  • Can't wait to see what we're all having this time around.

    Hubs 3 older brothers all had boys first so our dd was a break from tradition. Everyone is telling me this one is a boy, but I think girl at the minute. I keep changing my mind though. Xxx.
  • Im team pink! Poor hubby is totally out numbered but we are both over the moon. We saw her in 3d and she looked so cute and was sleeping with her little legs crossed x

  • Awww congrats hun pink rules x

  • Congratulations on your pink bump x
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