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Hi ladies

Hi ladies thought I would I introduce myself as I've been in and out for weeks and not said anything lol

im grudie,31 and due our surprise baby the 3rd of aug,had our first scan the 4th march to find out I was 18+4,with dates before they thought I was due in sept so happy to be way further image 

we have a ds who is 7 in June and had been trying for 6 years this year,I've been on baby expert for quire a few years but backed off after having no success 

hope your all doing well


  • Ah congratulations. I am due my 2nd on August 14th. My son will be 3 in May. Have my 20 week scan on Monday x
  • Hi grudie what a lovely surprise to have your dates put so far farward. Do you know the gender of your baby yet?

    Allie good luck for your scan on monday. Are you staying team yellow?

    Im due my 4th little girl on the 20th aug and have my 20 week scan on the 3rd of April x

  • Yes staying team yellow! Just discussed whether to find out and both tempted but decided to stick it out with team yellow! Might have to just keep my lips tightly closed!! X
  • Hey ladies yes we found out it's a little girl as I won't get a 20 week scan as they got all measurements on my first one,gutted but so glad I was further on,I had an idea I was as I could feel her move quite a bit.


    my mum is in super happy made as it's the first gran daughter,we were happy either sex as we never thought we would have another


    looking forward to sharing the weeks image 

  • Hi grudie! I remember you from when I first joined to ttc my daughter, I loved your dirty Friday topics image

    Its exciting to be moved on so much! And yay for a girl this time.

    our second is due August 23rd, can't wait to find out which team we're on this time!


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