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Due January 2014?

Hiya ladies! Thrilled to see a little pea in the pod at my scan today image Bleeding seems to have stopped, although Doc warned there is some blood left in there, so not out of the woods yet. Have spent the whole afternoon smiling and squeaking, hang on in there, pea! 

Best wishes to all you Jan 14'ers xx 


  • That's me added everyone who's mailed me to the Facebook group I think but if anyone's requested & not got their invite let me know xx

  • can someone add me to the facebook group please?

  • Hey are you accepting new members to the group? I am due on the 14th of Jan x

  • Hi, can I join Facebook group please I'm due 5th jan

  • Hi Jo, if you send me a note of your email address I'll add you to the group xx

  • Hi Everyone, I am due on 21st Jan. I had a missed miscarriage in Jan this year so was really surprised to fall pregnant again so quickly image with everything we went through with the last pregnancy (didn't find out until we went for the 12 week scan that the sac had stopped growing at 6 weeks image) we decided to book a private early scan. We saw the most amazing little kidney bean and a really strong heartbeat!!! Even though we saw the little bean I am still really nervous and hope everything will go well with this pregnancy. No morning sickness but REALLY queasy! image Ha ha ha! Fingers crossed! I hope everyone is having a healthy and happy pregnancy so far! x x x

  • Hi all, just been given edd of 18th but I'm sure I'm due nearer the beginning of Feb. Got early scan on fri due to bleedinxxtomozwith will know more then x

  • Not sure what happened there lol x

  • Hello, please may I join the facebook group? My due date is 24 Jan 2014

    Second pregnancy, first baby, had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks in Feb 13. Got everything crossed this time image

    lolo80 i will message you my email address....


  • Just put a message in the group image she should be able to add you soon x



    For anyone wanting to join the fb group just friend Katie and pop her a message just saying you're from here and she will add you image x

  • Hello, really sorry but I have no idea why my facebook link isn't working :-/ if you send me a message with your name / email i'll try and find you all that way. I think lolo80 has added most people but if anyone's still waiting just let me know. I haven't been on here for a while but i'll make a point of coming on every day for abit just to check, would hate to think there's anyone waiting to join who hasn't yet xxx

  • Just bumping this incase there is anyone else. I'll keep popping to make sure we don't miss anyone image xx

  • Hiya all I'm new to all this today so not sure how it works I'm due on the 6th jan with my 3rd x
  • Hiya all I'm due 6th january with my 3rd and I thought I'd try and meet new people on here x
  • Hi


    Due 20th Jan, bit late finding this forum, seems like there isnt much activity here

  • Hello everyone how is everyone doing with there pregnencys? Xx
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