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bachs rescue remedy

Has anyone used Bachs Rescue Remedy during late pregnancy or labour , is it safe n was it helpful , went to a well known chemist to get some today n they wouldn't sell it to me as said the pharmacist didn't know if it was safe to use during pregnancy , always thought it was safe .... any thoughts ? x x thanks x 


  • Hi evemum. I to was wandering this as i have some in the cupboard. Their website seems to suggest its all natural and flower based etc. i googled the question and other mums to be have been chatting about it and lots say its fine and that they used it during labour and it helped.

    It is preserved in brandy but such a small amount it wouldnt do any harm.

    I also found this bit of info bit long tho so sorry about that.

    Libs xxx

    All sorts of therapies offer something to mums-to-be. The Bach remedies are particularly useful because they act directly on the emotions, which are often in turmoil during and after pregnancy. They are, though, preserved in alcohol, so if you are pregnant we advise you dilute them (which reduces the amount of alcohol to trace levels) and consult your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.

    During pregnancy all kinds of emotions can come to the fore. There are numerous changes to cope with, which can be a struggle - Walnut is the right remedy to help adjust to change and leave old habits behind.

    If you feel irritable, you could consider Impatiens if you want everything done in a hurry, or Beech if it is more other people's irritating ways that get you down.

    While some lucky women glow throughout, others feel down about the natural changes in appearance and shape that happen at this time. Crab Apple can help us accept how we look and feel more confident about how others see us.

    As the birth itself gets closer it is natural to feel a little nervous about what is coming. Mimulus is the right remedy for this kind of normal, specific fear - and once again, the remedy to protect in times of change, Walnut, can come into its own. Star of Bethlehem is often used if the birth itself has been traumatic in any way.

    Of course, mums-to-be aren't the only ones to suffer during pregnancy and its aftershocks. Dads suffer too, and so do brothers and sisters. Fortunately the remedies can help the whole family. For example:

    It isn't just mum who is coping with change, and Walnut can help all the family in the same way when the new arrival turns the house upside down.

    Holly is the remedy to help where siblings show jealousy or spite towards the new baby.

    Chicory is for the child (or parent) who likes being the centre of the family's love and feels rejected and hurt when people make a fuss of the new arrival instead.

    Elm is for capable people who feel temporarily that they can't cope when there are extra demands made on them.

    Olive is always worth considering where physical tiredness is a problem - but the underlying emotional cause should be treated as well.
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