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Haven't been around for a long time but wanted to congratulate all of you June ladies that have your babies!! Hope you're enjoying every minute! We're not due until the 30th of June-but after having a few growth scans and 3 measurements over the 90th centile (big baby apparently!) I'm booked in for a c section on the 25th June (previous section with DD) Was hoping for a hypnobirth-but happy baby will be here soon safe and sound. Good luck to everyone still waiting, sending lots of labour dust to you all! xDx


  • Good luck hun x

  • Thankyou LH86! Excited but still nervous! Any tips you've got for a planned section let me know!

  • Don't forget your camera! I went mad at oh and called him a nob as he forgot to bring it in lol. And plenty of big pants for ur hospital stay! My op was very calm and relaxed very emotional as they talked me thru wot they were doing at each stage so I knew when she was coming out. Shame they botched it n Im still recovering 20 weeks on but hey ho x

  • Oh no, sorry to hear that Hun. You could do without that really! Hope you heal and recover quickly. I have warned hubby to remember the camera-that's the only job he's got! Thanks muchly, looking forward to this one being a bit smoother than the last emergency section!! Xx
  • Yeah anything u want remind him before hand I forgot to tell him where the camera was as he had to go in to my space in recovery to dump my bags and put his scrubs on (very sexy maroon scrubs and neon orange crocs that were still warm from the last person who wore them LOL) then he wasn't allowed in till they'd put my drip in and my epidural. He was allowed in when I was laid down totally numb and the screen was up x

  • Fab, thanks for the tip! I remember the scrubs from last time-hilarious! I think mine will be the same-he won't be allowed in until all of the drips etc are sorted. I'll keep you updated! Xx
  • How did it go hun? Thinking of u xx

  • Hello! As you can tell from the time of the is here! Sophie Mae arrived all safe and sound weighing 9lb8! Section was great and recovery going well so far. Thanks for the tips-we got some great photos that we sadly missed with our last section being an emergency.

    Just enjoying being a mummy of two beautiful girls now! Thanks for the support Hun!

  • Awesome congrats! X

  • Well done newmrsm.

    Take it easy. Xx
  • Thanks Hun! Congrats to you too!

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