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Our little bubba :-)

Words cannot describe how we both felt on Wednesday seeing our little one and how we feel now to be honest...just hope our little bean stays sticky...




  • Awww congrats image x

  • Thank you LH86 xxx hope ure ok xxx

  • That's great! How far gone are you now? It's amazing news! Xx

  • Im good thanks, next scan on 29th can't wait to c baby again x

  •  Congratulations hun. I can not wait for my scan, 12 days and counting lol x

  • hallow little bean he/she is so tiny how far are you. im going to see mine this week hope everything is okey

    sticky little bean for you

  • That's great news sohappy, hope you can relax as bit and look forward to next scan. Mines on sat, hopefully it will cheer me up a bit sickness getting me down at the moment x

  • Congrats sohappy how far are you, did you manage to hear the heartbeat yet xx

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for all of the lovely messages. I'm a bit more relaxed but to be honest that changes from day to day with all the niggles and nausea and the rank taste in my mouth, everything just worries me at the moment. We do feel better for seeing our little bean though so I'm trying my best to go with it. I was 7+1 then, will be 8 weeks tomorrow. Yes the sonographer showed us its little heartbeat for ages, that was amazing but we didn't hear it. Just waiting for my 12 week scan appointment to come now so I've got that to focus on.

    Wow, lots of you having scans this week and soon, wishing all of you the very best of luck, I know how scary this journey is, hugs xxx

  • So happy I also had an early scan on Sat and was 7+4 so will also be 8 weeks tmrw! We can be due date buddies image! x

  • Aww that's lovely news mummyhb! Excellent, a bump buddy for me image xxx

    how you feeling Hun? It's so amazing to see that everything is ok so far isn't it! Xxx

  • Yes really amazing. Baby was only 1.2cm yet you can still see the heartbeat soooooo incredible!

    feeling average, quite sick most of the day and tired as not sleeping well. Trying to just get on with it though! How about you? X

  • Hard to believe they are so tiny when our tummies are so big, well mine is anyway! Our bean was only 9 mm when we went but we went before you on the Wednesday so maybe the same size?

    Same as you, totally shattered all of the time, not sleeping brill either, too hot, too fat and boobs hurt when i turn over, quite nauseous on and off and boobs that seem to have come out of nowhere. I've been to get 2 bras today already! This baby is definately gonna cost me some money lol but I don't care, just want a healthy little baby at the end...I'm so desperate and nervous for that....

    I agree, thats the best way if possible, just trying to get on but it's hard xxx

  • I think it's mind blowing to see a heartbeat in something so tiny! We had a scan on Tuesday wheNewman wasn't even six weeks and somewhere in there was a 4mm baby with a heartbeat

    So happy for all the good news stories recently! Xx

  • Ah this is lovely, so glad all is looking well so happy image I had an early scan and saw the little heartbeat, they put my dates back as I suspected due to my long cycles so it does look like I will be due right at the beginning of March! So pleased for you xx

  • Thank you both, it is definitely mind blowing! So pleased for the both of you too, magpie you'll be just ahead of me then unless my dates change at my next scan. Desp2bedaddy, so pleased for you and your partner, fingers crossed xxx

  • Huge congratulations hon.

    Im still waiting for a scan. Its on 29th August will be 13 wks then...its dragging
  • Hey guys, hope all going well for everyone?! Me and the wife have a private scan booked for today. We just couldn't wait for 4 weeks without knowing everything was ok. Can't wait to see baby again - he/she was 20.3mm last time (about 2weeks ago) and 4mm two weeks earlier so hoping to see a big growth spurt in our little one

  • Wonderful seeing your scan picture sohappyxxx
  • Thanks Calleigh, hope you're ok xxx bubba looks a lot bigger now mind image

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