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I know its early days but I can't help looking at prams already.  Before getting pregnant I fell in love with the Icandy peach 2.  I had my heart set on it and have put money aside so I can order it in a few month.  The problem is I've since seen the Silver Cross Wayfarer that I really like too and it's half the price!!  has anyone else seen or tested either of these? 


  • I tested the Icandy Peach hun and loved it! I was gonna go for the Icandy peach or Quinny Modd image

    Hope you are ok image

  • I have an icandy from my son that I'll use again! Expensive but worth it if you're planning more than one so you get good use out of it! I love mine, can't wait to dust it off and use it again image 

  • i cant wait to get home and start looking at prams! i've kinda got my heart set on a bugaboo but i also like the oyster which is less than half the bugaboo price! i havent had a shot of an icandy so will have to go have a look at them as ive heard good reviews!

  • We've bought ours as got a really good deal. Love the icandy peach but very expensive so we've gone for the icandy apple which is a bit cheaper and not much different in my opinion. Had an icandy last time but obviously didn't get to use it so fingers crossed this time!

    good luck with your choice image

  • I had set my heart on the peach but there's an offer on the apple for icandy birthday celebrations.  It's much cheaper so I'm going to have a look at both n compare the two. Xx   

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