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scan dates

hallow im going to be 17 weeks tomorrow and sutarday i have a private scan. 20 weeks scan is so far, so i decided to jump. im a little bite worried but i still have morning sickness thats a good sign lol. anyone with a scan last week or around the corner. hows everyone doing so far


  • Aww hi yogueta, good luck for your scan on Saturday. I'll be 18 wks on sat so am holding out for my 20 wk scan on 10th October, 2 weeks today and counting down every day! I've got lots of pregnancy niggles now, clicky pelvis, itchy skin etc.. but other than that I'm ok. How are you? It is worrying I know but fingers crossed xxx

  • sohappy hai im fine i can feel my baby on the left side. headache is killing me but i make sure i drink a lot of water and im always sleepy even at work i wish i can stay home.

    im waiting for the kicks

  • my scan went very well they put me forward little bite i thought im 17 weeks and they said im 18 weeks my due is o2 march but i still think my due date is 7 march because the last time i went there they put me behind about a week i ccording to the last one i was 16 weeks and according to my calculations 17weeks and now they said 18 weeks i think my calculation is right im 17 weeks and i will continue saying im 17weeks not 18 weeks.

  • Hi ladies, glad your scan went well yogueta. I'm 17 Weeks and still got morning sickness too. Little while till my scan on 21st October seems like a long time away. 

    So happy I'm having few niggles too, not feeling much movement yet but I didn't last time till around 19 weeks either even though that was my 2 be pregnancy. Having a bit of round ligament pain already never mind will all be worth it xx

  • Hi girls,

    yogueta so glad all was well, god knows why they move the dates around so much as baby will come when ready!

    Tulip, I agree, all the niggles will be worth it but in the meantime it's hard dealing with it all. I'm just about ready to peel my skin off, it's so itchy and is marking my skin. I've got lots of creams that the gp has prescribed but nothing helps. Also given me piriton but I'm scared to pop lots of pills so have broken sleep at night what with the clicky pelvis too! Moan over, will definitely be worth it though image Seeing the midwife tomorrow so will see what she says about things and have had a blood test to make sure everything is ok as had itching last time.

    im sure both of you will start to feel movements very soon, my little bubba is very active and has been since about 12/13 weeks. Movements are stronger now and my other half felt a kick the other day, a very special moment!

    take care girls, we're nearly half way there image

  • I had a private scan last night to find out the gender as our 20 week scan isnt until the 4th Nov! Havent felt any definite kicks yet either! Still feeling a bit yucky and sick although its better than it was!

  • im so happy everything is fine i think we all have to wait for that big kick as long our beans are safe and alive



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