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Where is everyone and how are you all doing?

As the title says peeps! I don't come here often either but wondered how everyone is? We're starting to get closer to the other end so just checking in. I'm ok but got lots of niggles, clicky pelvis, intense itching and lots of aches and pains! Other than that and tiredness all is well because my little bubba moves around a lot! S/he has got its little pattern which is so lovely and reassuring. My oh has been able to feel movements for about 5 weeks now and it's lovely as we share the special moments together. Been buying lots of goodies too, me thinks this baby is going to be spoilt lol image Can't believe I'm 25 weeks on Saturday, have got another scan in 3 weeks just to check all is well as under the care of a consultant. 

Be nice to know how everyone is, good I hope xxx let's keep our fingers crossed for each other xxx take care everyone xxx


  • Wow 25 weeks already that's flown by! I'm 28 tomoz just want her here now, too tired and achey, hoping she's a bit early like my first xx

  • hi Sohappy and LH86 sorry haven't been on here in so long! glad all is well with both of you image Everything is going well here found out we are having a boy and he looked perfect at his 20 week scan image can't wait to meet my little wriggler!

    After saying i wasn't going to start buying until after xmas and new year ive got heaps of things! He's already one spoilt mini man! We havent decided on a name yet but have 2 so far that we like most likely wait until he is here then decide!

    All in all im keeping well still dont have a decent bump so much so that work still dont know (ive told some of the girls but management dont know yet)! They need to be told this next week tho as im 25 weeks on saturday x

  • Hello sohappy! There is a little group of us on Facebook so I don't come on here very often as it is much easier on there on my phone! So glad to hear everything is going well, sorry to hear about your niggles! All is good here, I'm 25 + 3 and have a wiggler here too! We found out Thomas is going to have a little sister which is very exciting. I've had a consultant appointment because of my last labour and they are going to monitor me quite closely, having glucose test and growth scans etc to try and avoid a big baby and another PPH, so hopefully labour will be a bit better this time round! image xx
  • Hi everyone,

    so pleased to hear you're all well! I'm not on Facebook so thought I'd post here just to see what's what with everyone. Wow all of you know what you're having, weve stuck to our guns and are still having a surprise. We could find out as I have 3 more scans with the consultant but we think well stick by our decision as have already decorated our nursery and worked around buying things getting stuff that is unisex. 

    Mavi, you've done really well if people still dont know, i hope all goes well when you tell them your brilliant news xxx were the same as you got a few names that we like but won't definitely decide until lo is born.

    LH, yes I hear you, I'm achey too, got a cyst near my pubic bone so now I'm on antibiotics just to worry me even more but know I need to take them.

    magpie, glad youre being monitored closely, it does help doesnt it, I am too and am so grateful, yes fingers crossed that we all have a good and manageable labour!

    take care girlies, keep in touch from time to time if you can, much love xxx

  • Hi so happy.

    glad to hear you are doing well. Hope the antibiotics help the cyst. Wel done for not finding out! I can't handle surprises llol!

    im ok thanks, pelvic niggles and getting headaches but apart from that ok. I'm 25+3 Today. We found out the gender too and are having a little boy so after two girls this was a big but lovely surprise! Currently swapping girls for boys clothes with friends! 

    is there anyway you could set up a Facebook account just to join our march group? It's a lovely little group think there are 14 of us so its small and all the girls are lovely and so supportive etc. 

    lots of love and take care xx

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