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Anyone felt movement yet?

Hi ladies, this is my first post in here.  I am due at the end of September, am currently 14+3 and just wondered if anyone has felt their babies move yet?  With my first born, who is now 4, I felt him move at around 13 weeks and heard with your 2nd it is usually sooner.  I know each pregnancy is different and i'm carrying more weight this time round...  All was fine at my scan 10 days ago but cant help but feel worried and disappointed that I havent felt it move about yet so thought i'd see if any of you have been lucky enough yet?



  • I didn't get any movement until I was about 16/17 weeks so please don't worry.  x

  • Glad you posted this - I'm a bit anxious as I haven't felt any movement yet (that I can be sure of) and I am 17+2....anybody else been this late or later before feeling it? 

  • I am 17 weeks tomorrow with my first and I have only felt something twice what I THOUGHT was baby...just felt like bubbles but that was about 2 weeks ago and not felt anything at all since so not sure it was baby or not tbh.  I can't wait for baby to start moving as I had a scare yesterday with some bleeding and got cramping again today, which I guess is stretching but it is so scary and if I just felt baby moving it would put my mind at ease x

  • Hi Ang. Gosh that must have been a real fright for you - did you call your midwife? If it's any reassurance at all, I cramp most days, especially if I've been particularly active.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one wondering about movement anyway.
  • Hi,

    I obviously panicked when I saw the blood so I rang the Triage midwives at the hospital who told me that they deal with pregnant ladies 17 weeks and over and anything less than that has to be seen by A&E and even though I was only 2 days away from 17 weeks they wouldn't see me.  I then rang the community midwife who also said to go to A&E.  So off I went to A&E and saw a lovely doctor who then sent me to the ante-natal assessment clinic where the midwife was mardy with me because she said 'oh you are the lady I spoke to this morning and you told me you were 2 days away from being 17 weeks but the Dr has just told me your 17 weeks'....I thought does 2 days really matter?!?  Anyway they ended up taking my bloods and giving me an internal because I have had a previous Loop procedure they are keeping an eye on my cervix as it could shorten or funnel but after the Dr did the internal they said my cervix was still closed so that was ok.  I am also RH negative so I had to go back today for a Anti D injection.  I have to ring tomorrow for the results of the swabs they took just to rule out an infection.


    Sorry for the long essay!  I am now just trying to rest as much as I can.  I am sure this little baby is a boy causing me all this grief haha.  Even though I heard the heartbeat yesterday I can't wait for my scan on 29th April as I just want to see baby on screen to know everything is ok xxx

  • How completely and utterly ridiculous that they were so unhelpful to you - thank god the a&e doctor was so understanding. It's like they are looking for any excuse not to help you sometimes. 

    Take it easy and let us know the results of your test. xx

  • Thanks to everyone that has replied, I really appreciate your time image 

    no no movement yet, possibly something yesterday but not sure if that's wishful thinking!

    kerry x

  • Hi Kerry,

    I am also on my second pregnancy and with my lg felt movement at 16 weeks and being on my second pregnancy thought im bound to feel it much sooner and was getting worried as I got to 17+1 before I felt anything. My mw asked at my 16 week check and i said all this and she said its perfectly fine not to feel anything up to 20 weeks so try not to worry. also you may have an anterior placenta which means you may not feel much movement.


  • Thank you Loops26, it always helps to hear other people's experiences!  I had a cervical length scan yesterday and the consultant showed me the baby's heartbeat and she turned the sound on so we heard that for the first time which was lovely so at least I now all is well in there!


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