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Leah is kicking out beacuse I have started work :(

I started work last Wednesday and my mum is having Leah (Leah spends loads of time with my parents and sees them nearly every day). She is staying over at my mums on Wednesday nights as I work til 8pm and start at 9am on Thursday.

Since Friday, bed times have got worse and worse! She screams and screams no matter who puts her to bed! I ended up in tears on Tuesday night as rocked her to sleep after and hour of screaming as soon as i put her in the cot. I was in tears!!! Took and hour to rock her to sleep as every time i thought she was asleep and put her down she would wake up screaming!

My mum tried the next night and thought it may be the dark so calmed her down and put a lamp in the room and she eventually played and went to sleep.

Today Nick cant even put her in the cot for a nap! She is just screaming and crying to the point where she is making herself sick!

Dont know what to do! x


  • Aww hun xxx

    It's so difficult when you get used to them going to bed OK and sleeping well then all of a sudden they don't go to sleep (I think it's harder than when they are new borns, at least then you expect it)

    I've been back at work for a while now and at Christmas I had 11 days off (the longest time I have spent with Oliver since being back at work) and the first day I went back after the holidays, bed time was shocking! He must have been up about 7 times that night, screaming until I picked him up (even screamed when Michael picked him up and he loves his Daddy!) After a few days he was back to sleeping really well again (probably jinxed that now!)

    I'm sure it's just because things are a bit different, but she will soon get used to it and will be back sleeping well again soon. Have you kept the lamp on for her again, do you ever put music on for her?

    You must be knackered being back at work and being pregnant so make sure you try and get as much rest as you can!

    Take care and remember it will get better.

    H xxx
  • LJ has done exactly the same for the last week and he started with his childminder last Tuesday. The trouble didn't start till the following Friday, and then last night he went down like a dream and slept 13.5 hours straight through! I think it's a combination of the developmental separation anxiety phase along with a total change in routine that's done it. I'm hoping last night means we're back on track but who knows??

    I'm struggling as it is, but being pregnant too you must be shattered hun xxx

    Hope our wee ones settle soon!

  • Thanks ladies you have given me some hope that it will get better. She is once asleep and will sleep through. Its just those couple of hours at bed time and the naps during the day. Im not putting her down for a nap in the day until she is struggling to keep her eyes open. Seems to nd working.

    Just nights now. X
  • Have you guys looked at the Wonder Weeks. It's a theory that on certain growth/development weeks babies are more prone to being irritable than on others. I can honestly say Amelia has followed it to a tee. If she's bad at napping, crying at night and off food - it's down to a wonder week.

    Search on google. It won't help the crying for now but at least you know it's not you.
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