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grrrrrr (work rant)

So just got my 1st roster when going back to work & have totally fucked me over.

So after negoiating my work pattern & signing a contract, I don't work a Monday & only work 1 weekend a month. What's my 1st 2 actual shifts a sunday & a monday!! So angry. Then I know I have to go to London for 2 weeks training but what have they done? Not flown me directly to Luton, instead the 1st week I fly to Stansted then get a taxi down which means leaving the house at 10am instaed of 4pm. Then the followin week have me flying to Glasgow then flying to Luton, which means leaving house at 8am instaed of 5pm. Not a happy bunny.

Just wrote a strongly worded e-mail to my boss saying it was completely unacceptable to have me working on days which I'm not contracted to & if it wasn't bad enough having to leave my daughter having to leave her for longer. All because I work out of the international & the Luton flight goes from the city airport. So if they won't change it I'm booking my own flight there cause they have me flying back to the city anyway & I live within walking distance to it.

Sorry if this post doesn't make sense, just so angry just really typing exactly the thoughts coming into my head!!


  • Hey chick I didnt want to read & run... Soo bad with putting you on a Monday - when they prob know it's your day off! Ppl or employers don't realise how long it takes to reply to letters and emails etc us mummy's haven't got the time! And booking the long winded flights for train doent help either. I hope to go part time 3 days from sept - nit sure were to start with all the paper work!

    Hope you get things sorted chick x
  • Surely they have to change it Jayne?! If you are not contracted to work on that day then they are in breach of contract! Jeez, if they do this on month 1...!

    Hope you get it sorted lovely x
  • I agree with kaycee hun. They can't make you work outside of your contract. Looks like they are pushing their luck x
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