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Do you wait until LO is asleep before putting them down?

Up until the last few days Matilda has had her bath, had a feed and then fallen asleep in my arms and I'd put her to bed (in her basket in our room). The last few days, however, she has not liked being cuddled - she really fights, almost like she feels a bit claustrophobic and frustrated. SO we have started putting her in her basket and seeing if she settles herself - took her about 30 mins yesterday and she's been in there about 15 now.

I can hear her on the monitor and she is by no means crying hysterically - just the occassional moan / grizzle. Is this okay? Does anyone else do this?

K x


  • I've tried, it sometimes works during the day, but at night she really struggles to settle on her own. Even if I cuddle her to sleep, quite often I put her in her basket and she immediately starts chuntering away, sometimes gets the hiccups and sounds like she's making a gagging noise. I've tried leaving her for quite a while, but usually she eventually starts crying.

    I usually have to go through this 3 or 4 times before she'll eventually stay asleep when I put her down.
  • I've been putting Amelia down to sleep awake (at night) since she was born. I wouldn't do it if she cried or was upset but we have a good routine - wash / change clothes / finish bottle / story / music on and then she knows it's sleeping time. She settles in anything from 5 - 20 mins but even on the odd day she doesn't settle straight away, she lays there relatively content cooiing away or sucking on her dummy.

    During the day she does sometimes fall asleep in her bouncer or swing and I try to transfer her into the cot - but she always wakes up. So we haven't got that sorted yet.
  • Thanks guys. Took her about 20 mins in the end. Hopefully, she'll just get more and more used to it x
  • We do it and I felt awful about it at first - really guilty for leaving him and worried he would be scared! Daft I know. Apparently it is really healthy that they can settle themselves! xx
  • I am trying to do this at night. It took 30mins for Matthew to setle himsellf, he wasn't crying or anything, just cooing. Normally he screams as soon as I put him in and spend avout 1 1/2 hours trying to settle him. He still will not entertain going to bed in the daytime at all and I simply don't know how to rectify this!
  • It depends with Kayleigh-Mae, in the day she'll usually falls asleep being cuddled, but at night I try to put her down awake. She has a night light and most of the time her mobile on and she usually goes to sleep within 20mins, but there are times when she'll fall asleep feeding and stay asleep when I put her in her crib.
  • We've done this with Blake from the day he was born, and now he can settle himself to sleep at night as well as during the day. He has his bath, feed, cuddle and story then he gets put into his cot and withing 15/20 mins he is out for the count. We had our first full nights sleep last night, it was Bliss!!

    Leeann and Blake (7 weeks)
  • I'm having a nightmare with this. In the early days we did cuddle Grace to sleep but then she'd stay asleep ok once put down (after the first clingy 10 days or so). Then about 10 days ago she started to settle herself in her moses basket (in the lounge with us) and I felt like we were making real progress. Around the same time she was also settling really well during her night feeds - I was getting a feed/wind/back to sleep cycle sorted in about 30 mins instead of the 1.5- 2hours it was taking before! But for the last couple of nights she's just not been settling at all and last night even when I got her to sleep in my arms she woke up within 5 mins of being put in her basket/crib. By midnight I gave up and took her into bed with us - where she slept for a record 4.5 hours!

    I really feel like we've taken a massive step back - although the extra sleep was great! Just hoping things go better tonight. So far she fell asleep in my arms but has stayed asleep in her basket from 9pm til now. Just have to get her up to our room now and hope she stays asleep and that I can settle her back down after her night feeds....
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