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  • What is it with me & photos on this!! Give me 5 mins & I'll try again

    Right can't get the photo to show on here, but hopefully the link works so you can see herimage

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  • aww cant see pic

    how is she settling in?
  • Aww will try again when I get on computer later. She is settling in very well apart from pooing & peeing all over the landing but that's it, she is being very good with rhea & knows a lot of commands already
  • Right tried to get the photo to work & it won't. Don't know what else to try. I have made my pictures public on fb so maybe you can see it now using the link.

  • I still can't see but never mind

    I am glad that she is settling in ok.Hubby is desperate to get another dog but there is no way we could fit another one into our house.
  • She's gorgeous! So glad you've got another lovely doggy! xx
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