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First swim!!

We took both the kids swimming today - Ethan absolutely loved it! He looked super cute in his little wetsuit!


  • Aww!! He looks gorgeous!!
  • He's such a gorgeous little boy. Very trendy wetsuit!
  • Aw bless he looks super cute in his little wet suit. Glad he enjoyed it.

    I am super jealous. We were planning to take Fin swimming yesterday but our pool is closed until further notice. :cry:

    Can I ask how long you stayed in the pool for and did you go right after a feed? I am unsure when is the best time to take Finley.
  • I stayed in about ten or fifteen minutes with him, then took him out, DH stayed in with DD until they were both wrinkly!

    We went pre-feed and he was nice and awake but did get very grouchy whilst I was getting him dressed because he was hungry! I didn't want to go right after a feed though in case he was sick. It's tricky isn't it?
  • He does look very cute!, really glad he enjoyed it! Thank you for replying to my thread in baby. Was the pool chlorinated? Just worried about taking Benjamin into a chlorine cleaned pool when I'm not even using wipes on him yet....
  • he is just so cute and love his outfit.
    might brave the local pool with Etienne. our leisure centre has a baby pool, so it should be fun.

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