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Where does the time go?

Does anyone else find that the days go really fast now that their little ones are here.
I find that before I know it hubby is home and it is time to put Finley to bed. Feeding seems to take up so much time and once we have done some singing and read stories and had tummy time etc and he has had his naps there really is very little time left in the day.

AND I had no idea how quickly he would grow and develop. We had our first smiles today. It was amazing and I just welled up. What on earth happened to my little new born? Don't get me wrong I couldn't be happier that Fin is happy and growing up but time is just shooting by.

Just me or anyone else feel like this?


  • I know exactly what you mean. Although it seems weird that grace has only been here for 2 and a half weeks it also seems to have flown by and she has grown and changed so quickly.
  • Me. Can't believe Kayleigh-Mae is 6 weeks today. Mind you I look at my eldest child and wonder where the last 9yrs went to, it only seems like yesterday she was just like Kayleigh-Mae.
    I'm afraid it's a side affect of children :lol: just wait til they're in school. You live your life by school terms times.
  • My dd1 is 3 and I can't believe how quickly that has gone either. Trying to make the most of every minute - even the stressful ones!!!!!
  • Know what you mean, Ayla is 4 wks tomorrow, can't believe it!! Goes too quickly! x
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