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We are on the move

So the big move is here - DH goes to the new pad on Fri and then LO and I fly up on Monday. I'll be at my parents house until then and my dad has a piddly little laptop thing and my fat fingers can't work the keys properly so I probably won't post much until I am settled up there.

Feeling very emotional at leaving our house of 5 years and leaving friends and family BUT I am very glad that at least I can take you guys with me image X


  • G/c but hope the move goes well, I'm sure you'll love Edinburgh, when I moved up here I was petrified but 5 years later I love it, I miss my family and friends like mad but I also have a wonderful life up here now. More worrying is, I've started to speak Scottish! Edinburgh really is an amazing city and I'm sure you'll all love it.
  • Wowser, that's come around so quickly! Totally understand why you're feeling so emotional but oh my goodness, how exciting moving to a brand new city! You'll meet loads of friends really quickly & we'll always be here to chat to!!!

    Take care, hope the move goes well & keep us updated on your progress when you can!!

  • Oh good luck hon! You'll be just 3 hours north of me, and once I'm back at work I'll be up your neck of the woods once a month! You'll love it!
  • Good Luck for the big move Kayecee!

    Hope things go smoothly for you!
  • Good luck, can't believe it's come round already! If I ever get myself sorted to go up and see DH (he works there Mon-Wed most weeks) I'll look you up!
  • Best of luck with it all Kayecee. Nervewracking I'm sure but very exciting. I've only been to Edinburgh once but thought it was a lush city. Hope the move is nice and stress-free for you.
  • Hope the move goes well K. Once you've settled in you'll meet lots of fab new people. Edinburgh is a great city.

    Good luck and speak to you soon.

    H xx
  • Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes smoothly x
  • Good luck babe - hope all goes well
  • We should do an edinburgh meet as I'm up there with work all the time too - will just have to find a reason to bring Gracie in my laptop case!!

    Hope its all gone well kayecee! Xxxx
  • Was just going to post an FAO today Feebs!! KayeCee, how's it going?? Hope you are all settling in well xxxxx
  • Good luck with the move, hope it all goes smoothly!

  • Best of luck for it all Kayecee. We'll be thinking of you.
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