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PUPD night 1..

Evening all,

We're trying PUPD tonight for the first time. Benjamin's sleeping is appaling at the moment - up 5+ times a night and it's a bit of a killer. I'm feeding him back to sleep at the moment which works, but isn't exactly a long term fix so I am taking the bull by the horns, and tackling it tonight.

Has anyone else used it? How did you get on? Any advice/tips?!

Wish me luck girls, I'm just so tired that I'm worried I'll end up cracking and whipping a boob out...Off to bed now, how Friday nights have changed!!!



  • How did you get on? We started last night too, with a slightly modified version of PU/PD.

    We put Daisy in her cot awake after her bedtime routine. She started crying quite quickly, we left her for 30 seconds, then went in and picked her up and calmed her down before putting her back in the cot. Next time we left her for a minute and increased it in 30 sec intervals. It took less than half an hour for her to go to sleep which wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. She was asleep by 7.15 (usually it is between about 8.30-9pm). I've never given a dream feed as it's usually too close to when she's gone to bed. I didn't last night as I thought I'd see how long she slept for.

    She woke up at 3.20am. I fed her and we put her down awake again. She grizzled for about 20 mins (very intermittently) and I reassured her twice in that time (without picking her up). She seemed to have gone to sleep but then after about five minutes she started up again. To cut a long story short it took until 4.50am until she finally went back to sleep, but she wasn't actually crying for much of that and the longest interval we left her for was 2 minutes then.

    She slept until 7.10am this morning and had a big grin on her face when I went to her cot this morning for the first time in a while! Going to try the same technique for one long nap today and same again tonight.

    Hope you didn't have too bad a time.

    BTW - I was in bed by 9pm, even more rock and roll!
  • Sorry Lizzie, meant to reply to this ages ago!!! I think that sounds like a semi-success?? Have you carried it on?!

    I've been utterly rubbish with PUPD - I'm just so tired, and I know that if I feed him I can be up & down in 15 minutes. I'm thinking about sending my OH in with a bottle of cooled-boiled water tonight to see if that will settle him. He's waking up about 4x a night now - 3x on a good night. YAWN.

  • Yes, it's been working a treat. Last night she settled herself in 15 mins at 6.45pm and I didn't even have to go in. The daytime naps seem to have fallen into place too, she generally has about 30 mins at 9.30am and 4pm, usually in the car or the pram, and about 60-90 mins at lunchtime in her cot if possible.

    Most nights she's only woken once after her dream feed. She woke at 2am (when I fed her) last night and 4am, but I didn't feed her at 4, I went in a couple of times and she went back to sleep in about 10 mins.

    There are a few blips, it's just taken nearly 30 mins to go down for her lunchtime nap, but generally it's been loads better. I've also started feeding her on a schedule too, starting at 3 hourly intervals and increasing by 15 mins every few days. She's at 3.5 hours now and hasn't cried for food once since we've started!

    Hope you have some success soon x
  • Hi ladies! Hope you're both well and not too knackered! I just wondered how you know when/when not give in and feed during the night? Grace woke 3 times last night between 12 and 6 - pretty much 2 hourly. I'm sure she woke because she rolled onto her tummy and got stuck but each time I tried just to re- settle her without feeding she started trying to suckle any bit of me she could reach so I fed her on all 3 occasions in the end. She took a decentish feed but I'm sure she wasn't really hungry as she's been going much longer on a night on holiday. I'm just always so desperate to get her back to sleep without waking dd1 that feeding seems the logical thing to do but I'm starting to worry that she'll never sleep through at this rate. I also remember that we were much stricter with dd1 and used cc at this stage (poss a bit sooner) and she's always been a brilliant sleeper and by 5 months was sleeping for 12 hours over night with no night feeds....
  • That's brilliant Lizzie, you must be sooooo happy!!

    Feebs, I don't know about Lizzie but that's my main problem. I have no idea if Benjamin is hungry or not. Last night he went down at about 7pm as normal but then was up twice by 8.30pm. The first time I shusshed him & he went back to sleep but the second time he was much more awake & upset & I ended up feeding him. Logically I know that he can't be hungry, but he does seem it. I fed him at about 6am today, then he got up at 7.30am and seemed STARVING, but how hungry can he really be if he was fed 90 minutes before hand? Sorry for the ramble, I just feel a bit lost with it all. Benjamin is up around 6 times a night at the moment and I don't know what to do....I've heard lots of people say that weaning has made no difference to their sleep and that's kind of what I'm hanging on to as being our golden bullet.....

    Anyway, there is an explosion happening in Benjamin's nappy as I type, best go sort it (joy). Has Grace improved in the last night or two? Do you think you would use CC with her? How long did you leave Jess to cry for? x
  • Hiya

    Grace was slightly better on Sunday night but last night fed at 7pm and then 7.30pm (no idea why) and then she woke at 12.30 and 4.30am and screamed for food both times (but was also on her front both times as well so I know that's what actually woke her). Then she woke at 6am but I took her into the spare room with me instead of feeding her and she did go back to sleep until 8am. Interestingly, I got up at 7.45 and left her in bed while I got showered and she was flat on her back. When she woke at 8 she'd rolled onto her tummy so that obviously is a big part of why she wakes (I wasn't sure if she was sleeping on her front for a bit before waking).

    I'm really hoping weaning helps too but I'm not overly optimisitic as people say that a bottle of formula makes them sleep too but we've given the occasional bottle and it's made no difference at all... image

    With Jess we used to use CC to get her to sleep on an evening (which we have never had to do with Grace) and used to leave her for 10mins at a time. Usually she settled after the 2nd or 3rd stretch. It was awful though. In the night, we'd generally try and leave her grizzling/crying for up to 15 mins. If she didn't settle then I'd go in and give her her dummy which usually settled her. It's so much harder with Grace being a thumb sucker as I suspect a bit of suckling is all she needs but you can't make them suck their thumb like you can a dummy can you?!

    I am really shattered this week - I think on hols, although she was still waking (just not as often), the fact that she was in our room made it less tiring as I didn't have to trek up and downstairs like I do at home. Also I could look and see if she was actually awake or just grizzling in her sleep before getting out of bed to her whereas at home I've no idea until I've gone into her and I think she hears me coming down the stairs!!!

    I really hope she learns to roll onto her back soon....
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