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Hello and question!


I am currently 5+4 with number 3, but am yet to have any real symptoms and am a bit worried.

I can't remember when they kicked in in my first 2 pregnancies, but so far all I have are sore boobs and am a bit tired. I felt horrendous when I was pregnant before, really sick and lethargic. I don't know if this is bad sign or not as I have also had a mmc some years ago, where my only symptom was a missed period.

Is it possible to have different or less symptoms in a 3rd successful pregnancy?

I'm driving myself mad with worry!


  • Hi image

    I would try not worry to much , every pregnancy is different this is my 4th and i have been feeling really tired and sick and i don't remember feeling this bad with the other 3 !! and it might just be a bit early and your symptoms will come thick and fast soon !

    I know its really hard not to keep looking for those things but just try to relax and just put it to the back of your mind if you do get really worry phone your EPAU and maybe the midwife might be able to give you some reassurance .

    Sorry couldn't give any better advise hope that helps xx
  • Sorry to g/c ( saw this on the side bar ). I found out I was pg at 4+6 and didn't get ANY symptoms until I was roughly 7 1/2 weeks pg.... then the sickness kicked in!

    It might be a bit early for symptoms for some ppl so try not to worry too much image

    All the best

    BB x
  • Thanks for the reply, I hope you are right and it is just a bit early.

    I have never wanted to feel sick so much in my life!
  • I only had sore boobs n back ache wit my dd this time all I habe had is back ache n every now n again I feel a bit queezy but nothing major.

    like said before each pregnancy is different n I no know it's hard not to worry but try n enjoy being almost symptom free!

    image x
  • Hi, congratulations!

    I could have written this myself! I am also pregnant with number 3 and feel great, a little tired at times but that's it. I was sick everyday for the whole 9 months with my other two so it is also making me a little worried. But I am hoping I continue to feel great for the next 8 months and all goes well!

    I have decided I am going to enjoy feeling well incase it catches up with me and I'm sick

    morning, noon and night again image xx
  • I hear all the time, every pregnancy is different!

    I am 8 wks + 3 with our first so I'm still new at all this, but when I was 5 wks I was just tired, sickness and nausea didn't kick in til I was 6 wks and my boobs were sore for the first time last night!
  • I am feeling the same , this is my 2nd and with my first i was ill felt awful all the time with sickness nausea and extremly tierd, I could hardly eat only things i really fancied until i was 20 wks.

    So far with this one i have felt a little tierd and somtimes feel a little sick but it passes very quickly. I do have sore boobs and niggly pains in my tummy but overall i feel great.

    I am also a little worried but hoping its eaither too early or im just having a different pregnancy x x x
  • Well, I am now 6+1 and have had some nausea a couple of days ago but that seems to have gone again. I am really irritating myself with all the worrying! I am trying to be hopeful but can't shake the bad feelings.

    But, what can I do? Just wait and see I guess?!

    Thanks for reading and replying!
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