Finally...I had my booking in appt 13+5

So after chasing them again yesterday I had my booking in appointment...for an HOUR!

I never spent that long last time but at least it's done now - I've had all my bloods done and urine sample and blood pressure done. I have my new bounty pack and all the rubbish that goes with it (sample nappies set aside for maternity bag!)

However, as I lost a lot of blood last time (1300ml) I need to deliver on labour ward and it needs to be managed but that's fine because that's what I'd prefer. Also, I chatted about being monitored and she said I could ask to be continuously monitored which is good for me as I'm a bit of a control freakimage


  • Hi muppet, I'm so glad you have finally had your booking appointment. Let's up there's no more mix ups with your future appointments.

    I also have to be monitored throughout my labour due to having an emergency section with my ds. My dr did say I couldhave an elective section this time but I am really hoping to have a natural birth.

    Emma xx
  • I'm so pleased uv finally had ur booking in, fingers crossed all ur other appts won't b as difficult to pin down!! X
  • Glad you finally got it sorted. Mine was an hour too. I think I'm lucky that here you just phone the surgery and they make an appointment with the midwife.
  • glad your finally got to see her , did she say why you hadn't had your appt before now ??

  • basically, there's too many people where I live who are pg! Not enough midwives I suppose. They didn't explain tbh. Glad it's done now though. image x
  • Yey, at last! Glad you finally managed to track them down!

    I hope they're not so slack with your other appointments :roll:

  • glad u got it hun,

    glad you'll be monitored, that'll keep ur mind at rest image
  • Glad you've finally been seen x
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