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Scan this morning!

Hi ladies, haven't been about much in the last week- ds had a stomach bug which he kindly shared with me and then got passed on to oh so things have been a manic.

Scan's at 11 this morning, although I've already seen pip twice so excited to see him again and with oh this time, just hope everythings ok and ds behaves himself xx


  • Good luck hope you get some nice pictures x
  • Aw good luck best thing in the world seeing the scans!!!

    X x
  • Thanks ladies, all good at the scan, been dated forward a bit again so now 13+3 due on the 15th. Got a couple of piccys, can see Pip's profile really clearly but not much else as my bladder was too full. Poor student sonographer got a flustered and gave up as it confused her that I was overfull and everything was in the wrong place xx
  • I wondered how you'd got on! Glad it went well xx
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