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Hi ladies,

Wondered if anyone had some gud advice on prams, I entered the world of pram shopping yesterday only looked online not tried any out as such and my brain is at a wash with all the different types, prices, colours, styles omg first time mums brain nearly burst i never knew it could be so complicated lol!

Any advice would be helpful?


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  • hello, this is my third baby so my tips would be,

    how small is it when folded? can you fit it in the boot of your car? or if you use public transport is it easy to fold if needed and to hold baby?

    id go for a dark colour as baby's, especially as they get older do get messy if your on the go so black hides alot of sticky finger prints etc lol!

    also will you be needing a car seat for every day use? you can get a travel system which comes with everything, i have the trenron delux from mothercare.

    some pushchairs to get in your boot you have to take wheels off? sod that lol!

    does the pushchair lay completely flat?


    if you dont drive, whats the shopping basket like?

    we got the trenton when i didnt drive but lived close to town so it was perfect to walk, get the shopping and shove it in the basket underneath.

    hope that helps? they are what i looked for in the pushchairs and mines lasted really well!x
  • Hi Ladylewis

    Thanks for that I will bare them bits in mind, dark colours is a good one I didnt think of that one. I drive so as you said its if it fits, how small is it and does it come with a carseat, I think the prices vary so much so I guess I just need to give a budget and then work from there.

    Thank you again much much appreciated : O )

  • Hi,

    I'm due my second and I would agree with LadyL85, and try out as many prams as you possibly can in shops (don't be afraid of colapsing them, wheeling them around the shop etc.), if you can 'borrow' a baby to see how easy it is to get them in and out and if it changes how the pram pushes, if any friends or relatives have babies/prams have a good go of theirs too.

    Prams are like cars, you'll never get one that does everything that you want it to, so look around and find the one which ticks the most boxes.

    I bought the Loola Up for my first as it folds up small for the back of my car. It is a great pram, but when my boy wanted to look around more (from about 3 1/2 months when he got bored of looking at me!) I found the 'upright' position wasn't upright enough for him. So I bought a Maclaren XT - which I love.

    It is such a mine-field, so do as much 'hands-on' research as you can, as you'll be hands-on with the pram!


  • i bought the silver cross linear freeway travels system in black, car seat fits straight onto pram frame which i really liked, came with all accessories, cosy toes, raincover etc, and it fit in a fiat punto! full handle bar so could be steered with one hand, adjustable height for dads/granparents,  big hood for protection from sun and bad weather, pushchair part lies completely flat, we used as a carry cot so didnt have to keep moving moses basket up and down stairs, can't wait to get it out again for baby no2!

    best advice i can give you is research all products, find out what the most important features you want from your pram, and if your pram centre have good staff then they should be able to reccomend best ones to suit you x


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