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HOw will they date me?

Hi ladies,

As i've had no AF for about a year, how will the docs date me, i only know i am 5 weeks becuase of the wonders of CBD!!

Any ideas!?



  • First scan I believe. I think the crown to rump measurements are pretty standard between babies in the first 12 weeks so they'll use the measurement they take at your first scan to give you a gestational age and EDD. Not quite sure how they'll know when to book 12 week scan though! Sorry cant be of more help. Do you know when you OV'd?
  • Nope not a clue! I only tested as i'm spotty and sore boobies like with my other 2!

  • They might just send you straight for a dating scan. When did you do your CBD, as if it said 3+ straight away you could be anything I think! xxx

  • Like monkey said they will get your edd from your baby measurements at your dating scan.

    If you think your 5weeks they will take it from that originally and book your dating scan at the time when you think you should be 12 weeks. If your too early (unlikely) then they will re-book you another dating scan. If your too late (i.e 20 weeks) you will have you anomaly scan and dating all at same time. But its unlikely your going to be more than 2 weeks out with your dates I'd think.

    Hope that helps.

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