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Pregnancy insomnia

I've never suffered like this with my other two but I can't sleep. I'm exhausted though. I came to bed at 10 last night was nearly midnight before I fell asleep... And for forth morning on the bounce I'm up at 4.30 image I need more sleep!!!!!


  • Sympathise I don't function well on lack of sleep, but my issue is I'm unable to stay asleep, had to have my first wee afternoon power nap yesterday, been taking some B vitamins to boost my energy, but we got really clammy weather here which I don't think helps either x
  • ive been having this too! ill fall asleep on the sofa in the evening but when i go to bed i take ages to fall asleep then wake up 5 or 6 busting for a wee and cant go back to sleep again!
  • Gosh I'm the opposite at the mo, I could stay in bed for Britain!! But can't with a two year old! Lol
  • Thanks girls... Im going for a nap this afternoon and Im gonna leave hubby doin crafts with the cookie monsters hahaha!!!!

  • Hubby doing crafts with the kids!! My hubby would run a mile! Lol
  • Couldn't see mine doing crafts either, he's better at the silly games like let's roll up bits of newspaper and play bucket basketball, lol! Not sure who has the most fun x
  • They ended up building train tracks and trashing the lounge instead but i got to have a 2 hour nap so who cares!! lol x

  • I'm absolutely shattered. My eyes have been stinging because I am that tired. DD had her nap on Saturday and so did I on the sofa. Ended up going to bed at 8:30 on sat night. Sunday I had a 1.5 hr nap at 4pm then in bed by 7:30pm.

    I really hate it. I can't stay awake at work

    And could do with having a 30 min snooze image
  • It's the middle of the night wees that are getting me! Have been up wide in the night the past few nights and have really struggled to get back to sleep afterwards.

    Soooooooooooooooo tired x
  • Oooft! Shattered today with this lack of sleep carry on, would just doze off last night then hubby would disturb me! Grrrr! He is off to work in Manchester from sunday so only 5 more nights till a half decent sleep! I will be a zombie by then x
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