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Forbidden foods

Anybody craving forbidden foods more just cos they are not allowed to have them? All I can think about is eating p??t?? or Philadelphia cheese x


  • That was meant to say pate, don't know why it went all weird x
  • I've had 2 children already and have always eaten what I want. I just made sure it was all in date and had been kept correctly x
  • I'm sure Philadelphia cheese is OK MarieB as it's made with pasteurised milk. I hope so as I've been scoffing it!

    2 days after I discovered I was pregnant I had a rare tuna steak at a pub, then last week when I was checking what I shouldn't eat I discovered you shouldn't have undercooked fish, nor should you have tuna cos of the high levels of mercury. Bugger! You wouldn't think I'd done this all before, it's weird how you forget....

  • Philadelphia is definitely ok!
  • Philli is ok as is shop bought mayo etc. tuna is fine in small amounts but you should limit it.

    I love pate and always crave it lol

    Remember to avoid mr whippy ice cream though and any raw/undercooked fish xx
  • I really want Brie and a medium sirloin steak! Xx
  • I really fancy a Brie, bacon and cranberry panini. Also missing blue cheese. I never drink coke but have also been desperately wanting one which is very odd as I have a caffeine intolerance (IBS). Not missing having a glass of wine one bit though, I poured my mum one on Sunday and it turned my stomach! Very odd!!
  • well, all i fancy is mashed potato and yorkshire puddings lol!! image

  • Ooooo I understand that one!! My two fav foods!!
  • I just ate everything last time but not in excess.

    I'm actually fancying strawberry cider! Lol I don't even drink normally (only a drink at a special occasion, like a wedding) so its strange. image

    I personally wouldn't drink alcohol at all in pregnancy so its not something i'll give into.

  • No it's a big no, no for me too!
  • why did i think philli was bad who knows, i generally tend to eat what i want and did eat pate last pregnancy but i was 8 months by that point, bit wary cos its still early days, and def missing not being able to drink, got a hen night this weekend and was really looking forward to it, as have been abit stressed lately, needed to unwind, and so wasnt expecting to fall pregnant till about xmas, but giving it all up is worth the prize at the end x

  • Hello,

    Just wondering if goats cheese is ok? Im 6 weeks pregnant and have a wedding on the weekend and just been informed that its goats cheese in filo pastry....if not I need to start thinking of excuses. image 

  • You can eat goats cheese without the white rind.... For a list of good and bad cheeses, see:

    Hope that helps....?
  • Hmmmm goats cheese.....I LOVE that! image

    Ok all this talk of food ain't tummy is rumbling! Lol
  • i believe soft cheese like Philadelphia is ok as its pasteurised. i was told by the midwife last pregnancy that goats cheese isn't ok. if you look on the baby at centre website there is a good page about cheese s and pregnancy that. the thing Im sure not sure about is mayonnaise in sins bought sandwiches, anyone know if this is ok? finding it impossible to find sandwiches without it in!
  • Oh dear, just found a bag of kettle chips in the cupboard and polished them off (wasn't a full bag I hasten to add) I never fancy crisps, they've been there months, left over from a BBQ/jubilee party.
  • Thank you ladies...might just stay clear of the goats cheese. I cant believe what im about to type........

    I’m completely off chocolate image!!!!

  • I am so going to miss medium-rare steak and pate.... on holiday in a couple weeks time and would have treated myself to steak if not preggas - but it's totally worth it! Oh and I will also miss wine! x 

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