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another newbie. hoping to find new friends.

Hi everyone, i'm new to this as ive just found out i'm pregnant with my first child. i'm hoping to meet friends of other mums and new mums-to-be. any advice and friendliness would be appreciated. i'm around 6 weeks pregnant and EDD is 15th April 2013

Thanks, Hannah x


  • Congratulations Hannah! Welcome to the forum, theres quite a group of us on here now.

    You have a similar due date to me (mines 14th) I'm expecting my first too. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you.
  • Hello....

    Congratulations both.... Im 6 weeks too with my first. Nervous and excited at the same time.


  • What's your edd? Ruby red. Me too I'm still expecting my period to arrive. Have days when I feel pregnant, positive and relaxed then others when I'm absolutely terrified!
  • Hi ele... 16th. I did two test to start with (as you do) just in case the first one was incorrect and then did a 3rd three days later to make sure, these test's arent cheap. We have decided not to tell anyone yet, not for another few weeks. But its nice to be able to share with people in the same boat....

  • Congratulations Hannah! X
  • Oh and Riby Red! Welcome to the forum! X
  • Hi there after TTC for 12 months I found out today I am 4+3 and due 26th April. I am delighted. Its baby number 2 for me as I have a gorgeous son called Joshua who is nearly 3. Got gassy pains and period pains. Going to have an early scan at 9 weeks. Lovely to be able to share with you all xxx

  • Hello TOM and Cheerybee....Congratulations.

    Cherrybee...have you opted for an early scan or are you going private?  Just wondering...

    I'm so tired at the moment......and not sleeping well.

  • hey, CONGRATULATIONS image

    We are thinking of starting to try for baby no.2 soon - I came here when we starting trying for no.1 and found it really helpful and friendly - hope you find the same too



  • Congratulations x
  • Congratulations Hannah I'm 7 weeks pregnant with my surprise 3rd and I'm due 3rd April xxx
  • Welcome Hannah, Ruby Red & CherryBee2 - so many newbies!

    I'm due 22nd Apr (I think), reckon I'm 5 & 2 today, early days x 

  • Hello and welcome!

    I am new here too image due my 5th early April xxx

  • mummymartin wrote (see)
    Congratulations Hannah I'm 7 weeks pregnant with my surprise 3rd and I'm due 3rd April xxx

    Ah say after me image fab!!

  • Hi Hannah congrats and welcome to the group.

    Im Mand, 26, from merseyside. Im pregnant with number 3 and my EDD is 29th April x Looking forward to getting to know u x

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