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I'm bleeding too

Hi All,

I am 6+4 and started bleeding yesterday.  At the moment it is only light and when I wipe when i go to the tolilet (sorry if tmi). I have no associated pain and went to see my doc who has reffered me for an early scan at the EPU.  The only thing is the earliest appointment they have for a scan is next Wednesday (damn bank holiday).

It took us 2 years to concieve our dd and so when we fell pregnant with our 2nd 4 months after finishing bf we couldnt believe it.  I am seriously considering a private scan as not sure if I will be able to wait a whole week!!!!

Fingers crossed though hey.  I have had a goos cry and so am now on the road of being "positive".



  • Princess - will be keeping fingers crossed that the fact you've got no pain is a good sign. Keep us posted with how you get on. A week wait is just far too long xx
  • I'm so sorry that you're facing this worry.  I really do have everything crossed that it's just one of those unexplained bleeds that we all hear about and that your little bean is safely nestled in.

    Huge hugs


  • Sorry to hear this princess, as monkeyNuts said it's a good sign there's no pain so it could just be implantation bleeding. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any heavier for you.

    I had bleeding at the weekend (and pains) but after epu scan everything is fine - so stay positive and hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

    Keep us posted xxx
  • Stay positive princess, although the week seems a long time when its on your mind, I'm sure it will go quick.

    I had bleeding and pain (as you may have seen my thread) and my early scan last week was had a heartbeat. So its possible. (still hoping baby is ok though lol)

    Fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated!

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