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Hello girls. Sorry i havent been on in a while but im back now image. Anyway glad to see most of you have had your scan and you have happy bouncy babies image. I cant wait until my scan. Anyhow main reason iv posted is because i dont even feel pregnant. Iv not had any symptoms except the odd pain in my ( . Y . ) . Im 9+3 today and my scan is on the 5th. Have any of you lot been feeling like this? Hope im not the only oneimage. Xx


  • hi jackin courtney i really wouldn't worry as with dd i had very few symptoms. last pregnancy (mc) had loads of symptoms and this time the symptoms are even stronger. what Im trying to say is every pregnancy is different x i haven't had a scan yet so really worrying x roll on the next few weeks x
  • Hi devon_mummy. Thanks for that. Its horrible aint it when you dont get any symptoms. I think now youve said that i should be happy that i aint having any. Its just making me think that there isnt a baby in there image. Hope your symptoms ease up for you image. I know i hope it hurrys up too. Feels like its been forever since i found out lol. Whens your scan? Xx

  • hi Jack my scan is October 11 x
  • I dont feel pregnant anymore. My tiredness is on and off and that was my only symptom. I keep thinking I am leaking down below so I am constantly checking. I can't find hb with the Doppler, only a bloody artery. Loads of spots have come back on my forehead which went a few weeks ago. I have had a dodgy stomach a

    Couple of times so convinced myself I ate

    Something I shouldn't have and this has affected baby.

    I told myself what will be will be but I want this baby so much.

    Started to take pg tests again-god knows why.

    I need to stop stressing as its not good but I can't help it. Just need to hold out another 14 days image
  • Aww superking try not to worry, its about this time that symptoms do die downfor a lot of women as the placenta takes over x
  • ps i didnt think that most people could find hb this early with dopplers? that's why mw don't generally use it til your sixteen weeks appointment. ps step away from the sticks, it wasn't til two weeks after my mc that i got a negative x x x
  • Jackincourtney and Superking Im sure all is fine, def agree step away from the sticks. I didn't get a negative for ages after my m/c,  fingers crossed for us all - I had no symptoms with my son, none whatsoever, I felt great.  This time I have had loads of nausea! Its just random x

  • I know what you mean Jack, recently my syptoms have died down (well apart from constant wretching but I think that might be in my head - well not the wretching but the reason for the wretch iykwim).

    Boobs aren't as sore and I don't seem to be "growing". It's easy to forget sometimes that I'm pregnant actually. 

    Also I was away with work for last couple of days staying in a hotel and I ordered steak for dinner (one of my faves). I usually have it medium rare but asked for medium so it would be just cooked through, and it came back virtually rare anyway! I didn't want to take it back as didn't want to cause a scene in front of others and I was the only one not drinking as well so didn't want to draw even more attention to myself..... aaaggghhh! So risked it and ate it image

    Just need this bloody scan date through x 

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