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its getting exciting now theres a few of us all approaching 12 weeks and getting our scans, then we will all be bored again till 20 weeks, we are planning on finding out sex, what about everybody else? x


  • Hi marieB, I think we're due around the same time! Husband wants to know the gender of fig but I'm not so sure! I can defo see the benefits of finding out, but I just think finding out as it pops out of me, will be super special!

    Exciting times!
  • Hi Ella,

    i'm due around the 16th april, what about you? we found out with our first as well, most people we know couldnt believe we did, they all said but the surprise is the best bit, but for us finding out made it seem more special, plus we are really bad at agreeing on names so knowing the sex helped with that, also made him seem more like a real person, will also be more practical this time round as we are only in a 2 bedroom house, so if we get another boy they will be ok to share, but if it's a girl we will need to start thinking about moving, i'm secretly got my fingers crossed for a girl, but my brother got 3 girls so odds are on me getting another boy, and if he's as much fun as the one i have now i'll be happy x


  • We're not going to find out the sex (we also didn't with DS). I would quite like a girl this time round, and not sure if we found out the sex and it was a boy I might feel a bit deflated (would still love him all the same though), where as when he/she comes out I'll just be so happy that I won't mind either way.

    But each to their own.  Only 4 more days until our scan  :0)


  • Hey lovelies! I've got my scan today, mega exciting morning here as OH has just had two very good job offers, so we've got tons to think about!

    We found out the sex with DD but we agreed not to find out this time (I thought I'd be really tempted this time round but surprisingly I'm not image) so looking forward to the surprise! xx

  • Marie I'm due on 18th April, I made it 19th though. Dating scan will prob be different again!

    Fingers crossed you get a girl then! I secretly want a boy image
  • I would love to not find out but I'd never be able to do it!! I like to be prepared so knowing helps.

    I've had 3 scans already but can't wait for my 12/13 week one image x
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