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still buzzing after my 12 week scan!

Had my scan on Monday was so cool, baby even waved and we could see all fingers and toes, convinced its a boy now tho after comparing it to my son`s scan, only 4 weeks till I find out if I'm right, time is picking up the pace now, hope it keeps going that way, got a few things on which should help, 16 week midwife app, husbands birthday, then holidays, then 20 week scan, works Christmas party do, then actual Christmas, then my sons 3rd bday, wee lull in Feb for me to take it all in then time to finish up work in march and the countdown begins, ooooh its exciting! x


  • I can't wait to get to my 12 weeks. I am glad their is some good news, seems to be a lot of heartache on here at the moment. It makes it feel real once you have had the scan and lots to look forward to. Great news!

  • Glad you're scan went well! It's such a good feeling isn't it? Xx
  • cant wait for everyone to have had their 12 week scan.  Anyone know when the last one is? x

  • Did someone say 22nd?
  • MyCookieMonsters has hers on the 22nd image
  • Thanks ladies, yeah it is great know everything is ok and that I am actually pregnant and didn't imagine it lol! We took our son with us too, seems to have really helped him understand, he wants to take scan pictures everywhere with him and tells everybody who will listen to him, hope everyone who is still waiting has a great scan too x
  • Ooh, once everyone has been scanned we can have a EDD thread and we can see who are our bump buddies x
  • Glad all went well at your scan, ours is the 18th x

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