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can I join you? April' 13

Hello ladies,

Wonder if I could join your forum as my dates have changes since having a dating scan (my little pudding on the profile pic) My due date now is 27th April so I guess baby can arrive either month but I guess since the offical date is April I might as well join you ladies if that is ok?

I  had my scan on Friday and it was so amazing and I feel bit calmer now,  last twelve weeks were just sickness and anxiety.

I am on the wrong side of thirties so I guess considered and 'older mother' though I don't feel it lol

Due in April seems nice and busy and friendly too so would love to chat some of you ladies and get to know you on this wonderful journey image xxx


  • welcome x don't worry there are quite a few of us due at the end of the month so could potentially be may too! ps im35 so an oldie mum too x is this your first baby? ive got a dd age 2 x
  • Thank you Devon Mummy image

    I have a ds who is teenager, so huge gap between two. It took me nearly three years of ttc to get here, so very anxious but unbelivebly happy too.

    What is your due date? xx

  • Can I join too... I had my scan today and have moved from 3rd May to 28th April xx

  • hi my due date is April 20, 14+1(ignore my ticker as i cant figure out how to change it!)
  • Ok, yes mine is wrong too now,  I tried changing it and BE doesn't let me, weird!

    Have all of you ladies in DIA had your dating scans? xx

  • Hi, I'm 30, due 14th, dd will be 3 next June. I know a lady having her scan today x
  • superking, hello! Is that your dd on your profile pic? Very cute.

    Ok, good luck to the lady in question today, I guess not too many left for scan in due in April as I'd Imagine most would have theirs by now.

    Looking forward to chatting to you all image xx

  • Yep, that's my Sophie. image
  • Hey lovely, nice to see a newbie! I'm a "young mummy" - I'll be 23 on Friday, and this is my second (pregnant at 18 and then 19 when I gave birth to DD who is now 3, will have just turned 4 when baby arrives) but I love being a mummy and feel just as mummyish as anyone else! image (believe me, I didn't intend to be a young mummy but I could never give up a baby, and I am quite mature for my age lol, OH is always saying I act about 40 lol!) xx

  • Hi Lau - thanks for the introducing yourself.

    Sounds like you really are enjoying being a mummy, I was a quite young mum too with my first so its wierd to be considered older mum now.

    As they say age is only a number image x

  • Hi, always nice to have a new April mummy amongst us image x
  • Hiya hun Im due at the end of April too - nice to see another joining us image My due date is 29th.

    This is my third baby, I have DD who is 5 and a DS who is 2. Im 26 and live with hubby who is 34. so suppose Im somewhere in the middle on the older/younger scales image x


    Looking forward to getting to know u x


  • Hello ladies, it will be lovely to chat to you, either here or on our new FB group xx

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