babys gender...

As you can see im 16 & a half weeks, I had a scan this morning due to bleeding yesterday, but everything was fine.. Had internal examinations etc, all is good, just one of those things... I asked at the scan if she could determine the sex.. What she said was " its still early, I cannot see anything at all to make me think its a boy, there's nothing significant, but i don't want to say its a girl, just wait till your 21 weeks. " she got a clear view between the legs! Would a boy have developed his private parts by now?? She said there was absolutely nothing, am i therefore having a baby girl??? Xxx


  • hmm..they do say it's quite easy to tell if it's a it may be ur having a girl image

  • Yeah, before yesterday I was convinced I was having a boy... But yeah, after the scan and what she said & the fact im nearly 17 weeks... I'm thinking defo girl! Xx
  • I think she would have been able to see boy bits by then. I assume it was NHS? Maybe she just didnt want to say anything just in case maybe they're not allowed to??
    Obviously u can pay for a private sexing scan from 16 weeks and they will tell u no problem so i think it was her way of trying to tell u baby is a girl without her actually saying so just in case she is wrong (which there is always a possiblity of) x

  • Yeah NHS! I was hoping shed just give me a straight answer lol... Or just said she couldn't see? Oh well, only 2 & a half weeks till my gender scan image xxx
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