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feeling so stressed out is this normal?

Hi everyone,

Im new on here, and joined because i'm almost 25 weeks pregnant and have just been feeling so stressed out and tense and unhappy with my body and just not enjoying being pregnant at all at the moment. None of my clothes fit, I have a funeral on wednesday, and am constantly having nightmares and cant sleep properly and then work on my feet running round a shop for 7 hours a day. I just wish i could at least learn to relax but i just dont know how nowadays im always uncomfortable. any suggestions would be great, thanks peeps.x


  • G/C but wanted to say hello & offer some reassurance that you are indeed a 'normal' pregnant woman.

    Every pregnancy is different & whilst some of us will suffer with nausea, tiredness and generally feeling run down others will breeze through it.

    At 25wks you're over half way now & whilst initial morning sickness may edge away you'll have a growing bump feeling tight & itchy as your skin stretches with it.  You'll also likely be starting to think more about 'the end' as you near your last trimester & preparing for baby to arrive can actually be quite daunting with nobody able to tell exactly what to expect (every labour/birth is different & every baby born is unique).

    Clothes - if you're not wearing maternity clothes then try wearing clothes 2-3 sizes up from what you would usually wear (i.e. if you're normally size 10 aim to wear size 14-16).  If wearing maternity clothes it's a case of finding what works for you (some prefer clothes over their bump whilst others prefer under the bump styles).

    Nightmares or more vivid/graphic dreams are highly common during pregnancy.  At this point in pregnancy you should aim to sleep on your side or propped upon pillows as laying flat on your back will starve you & baby of oxygen.  Many women find it more comfortable to have an extra pillow under their bump/between their legs.

    When you do have time to yourself, aim to properly relax.  Sit with your feet up on a footstool or sofa, have a drink (either a warm hot chocolate or a cold cola) and just rest it upon your bump (you should feel baby respond with kicks).  Odd as it sounds just the odd bonding session like this can help both relax you and prepare you for being a mummy.

    Lastly I recommend ice as a way to stave hunger pains & boost hydration levels helping you feel better in yourself.  Look after yourself & the rest will follow.

    Best wishes.

  • hiya - ive been feeling really stressed and tired recently too. I also keep having funny dreams image I think it must be a hormonal thing, combined with goig back to work after Christmas! x P.S  Most people on this thread are on a private Facebook group - you are very welcome to join us x

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