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Personality replacement

Well, the chicken pox have gone, but they have taken with them my ace daughter and replaced her with a child I don't know. We are having real problems at mealtimes, she has gone shy all of a sudden and won't say hello to anyone that she knows, she is overwhelmed in any social situation, regardless of how familiar it is. Sleeping is becoming a nightmare, smacking is now her way of communicating, be it us or her own head.

I just feel really despondant and worried that I don't know how to 'find' my monkey girl again.

Last night we ended up sat watching ITNG at 3am, as she had screamed, headbutted smacked and shouted NO for a full hour and I had run out of other ideas.

Bets xXx


  • Oh bless u, sounds like she is wearing you out!! Sure it is just a little phase she is going through, hopefully she will settle soon and your little monkey girl will be back with avengance!!! Try not to worry, the chicken pox has probably just knocked her a little. Look after yourself image

    Lisa xx
  • Hopefully its just a phase sounds like she's really out of sorts xx
  • Aww Bets - I feel for you. We have lots of phases like his and seems any slight change (illness, holiday, socks he doesn't like) set of this type of behaviour. It passes very quickly though. I'm sure Issy is just off sorts after being ill - she'll be back to her old self in no time!!
  • How is she now Bets? The important word that everyone keeps mentioning is 'phase' ... I remember after Roisin had a virus we had a period of waking and crying in the night and I thought 'This is it! Forever!' but of course she eventually went back to her normal self. I'm hoping that as I type things are already on the up for you.

    Saying that, all our kiddies are heading towards that 'terrible twos' phase and from reading many posts on BE it seems that not many toddlers actually wait until two to let the chaos commence! Isabelle is obviously as bright as a button and is probably experimenting with exerting her authority. Hopefully as her language improves she will become increasingly less frustrated x
  • Nope, still no luck image

    We are sleeping again, but eating and being a social child seem to have gone out of the window. Tonday she has been on either of our knees for half of her waking hours, not like her at all, and I can't get her to even eat fruit, which normally wins, today she has had;

    1 cup of milk

    1 cup juice

    small bowl cheerios

    1 box raisins

    tiny bag of choc buttons (given by an old lady in church :roll: )

    1 spoonful of banana mousse

    1 pasta tube

    10 grapes.

    It's no wonder she is tired, she has eaten naff all, and what she has eaten has been rubbish.

    Maybe I am worrying needlessly, I just hate it when she wont eat, and when she just doesn't seem a happy little dot :cry: the smacking is also still an issue

    I am sure her terrible 2's started at 8 months, so we are in for the long haul!

    Cor blimey, I am loving these emoticons tonight! Fingers crossed she behaves tomorrow!

    Bets XxX
  • It must be something in the name Bets!

    I've got a real madam on my hands...don't get me wrong, a lot of the time she's a delight and such fun to be around but my god she is a diva at times.

    How are things now?

    Love Linz & Issy x
  • Well,

    we are getting there in that she seems happier, but I think that is just that she isn't in pain for the first time in weeks as she has had lots of injuries to her mouth, A & E trip and everything, 5 burst lips in 2 weeks, and popped the bit of skin out between her 2 front teeth! SHe needs to start putting her hands out when she falls!

    Still not much improvement on the eating, but she was weighed a couple of weeks ago at a&e, and was still on the same centile, so I am not as worried as I was!

    Got parents eve at nursery in a couple of weeks, going to bring up the smacking then, we are doing a really firm and consistant approach at the moment, but it isn't paying off, and my new carpet in the porch is going to get worn out the amount of time she spends in there after smacking someone!

    The tantrums are an amazing endurance feat, I swear, she should be a marathon runner my daughter, she certainly has the mindfullness! but the glimmers of my Peapy are there, she is a good child with bad habits, I have to keep telling myself this!

    Glad to hear it isn't just me, hope things are well with you Lindsey, can't believe what little people they are all turning into, complete with attitudes and their own ideas on how to rule their world!

    Bets XxX
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