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Update on our August 09 Toddlers!

HI Ladies,

I thought it would be nice to have an update on how are little peoiple are doing.

Harrison is ace - he cracks me up at times I think he is bonkers!!! I know most say this about their toddlers but he really is into anything and everything. He climbs anything in sight and generally creates a path of destruction along the way. Sometimes I worry that he is just too strong as he seems to break everything!!

He hasn't had a nap in the daytime since 4 months old ish which can be exhausting at times. NUrsery find it hard work - ha ha!! I really dont know where he gets his energy from. The good thing about it is he is falling asleep 6.30-6.45pm and sleeps 12 hours or there abouts so we cant complain. He has slept in a bed since NOvember with no problems - though he does tend to trash his room in the mornings when he wakes and the duvet and pillows end up on the landing!

He walks /runs everywhere and refuses to go in his buggy point black at the moment. Which isn't too bad as we've number 2 coming along in November and dont want a double buggy.

He's very sociable but tends to be drawn to much older children and copies what they do. I'm trying to teach him to be gentle at the moment and have bought him a doll to practice being nice to the baby but he just does the opposite - oh dear.

His speech has finally started to come on. I was a bit worried about it at one point as he wasn't saying much but in the last weeks he seems to have caught up. He is a proper boy if you know what I mean so all we hear about are trucks, diggers, planes, trains, cars etc!!

So how are your little ones?


  • Its so quiet in here! Does harrison understand about the new baby?

    Haiden is a nightmare at the moment, really stroppy and not sleeping well at all. I'm exhausted! Xx
  • I am completely confused as I read the original post on my phone but now can't see it?!

    Isabelle is adorable, bloody hilarious, moody, cantakerous and charming all at once!

    We are having major bedtime issues with the light I think, sleep in the day is a thing I dream of, at nursery she has been moved up into the 2-3's as they do more physical play and she is a human cannon ball (it's funny, her cousin Lucy was described as the same at the same nursery!)

    She eats like a bird or a horse, depending on which way the wind blows, she is still a fruit bat, and bang on the 50th centile.

    I am back to my chilled out self, still seeing the psych team but it isn't affecting me as a mum, which is fab news!

    We have had 2 trips to A&E in the last month, one when the dog headbutted her, the other when she fell and didn't put her hands down, so repeated the old lip injury (all of 2 weeks apart!) which has meant daily outpours of blood at the slightest knock, but that all seems to have settled!

    Isabelle is a socialite, she already has a firm best friend, she has her first love (they have romantic lunches together and hold hands!) and she is the most rough and tumble girly girl going!

    I can't wait for the next year or so, as at the moment we just laugh constantly with her!

    Bets XxX
  • Lisa has deleted her profile and posts sadly x
  • oh where has Lisa gone? Hope shes ok!

    Cailey is a proper little girl now, still not walking but shes super quick on her bottom shuffling and crawls now and again! She loves baby dolls and handbags, but also loves daddys hammer and screwdrivers when he is building something! She is such fun, makes me laugh all the time, shes a cheeky monkey ith gorgeous big eyes and such a cute smile.

    Like you bets I also cant wait for the next year or so. We had planned to actively try for number 2 around this time but think we may postpone for a year as I want to have more time with just us for a little bit longer!

  • Lisa had some issues over here- not sure what though, perhaps in her new Due In forum? Although they tend to be the nicer forums so perhaps not x
  • aw thats such a shame! hope she comes back soon xx
  • Hi all!

    My not so little Issybean is like a whirlwind! She never stops from the moment she wakes until she's literally dead on her feet she is so tired.

    She's bright as a button and can count and knows colours etc. I absolutely love this age she's at! She chats to me all day long...although a lot of it is still gobbledygoup and I don't understand her! She is starting to string sentances together now which is ace!

    Is anyone else potty training! We've just started introducing it gently. Have had one wee wee on it so far! image

    It's ridiculous....I could have burst with pride when I saw she had done it!

    Isabelle is a bit of a rubbish sleeper but we've come to accept that is how she is having tried everything in the book with her. It does make for a very tired mummy and daddy though!

    Hope you are all well and your toddlers are keeping you on your toes!

  • PS! Gutted that Lisa has gone....wonder what has happened?! xxxxx
  • She just told me that she had been having issues-its really a shame that some people spoil it isn't it, lisa was ace!

    We have been using the potty slightly with haiden too, and had one wee. Lots of accidents though! Because I work full time we can't keep it up all the time unfortunately but hoping by the time we have another baby she will be out off nappies, or nearly. Haiden doesn't sleep well either, snap! X
  • Been meaning to do this for ages but only had phone internet for a while. Back in business now!

    Roisin is totally gorgeous, totally headstrong and a little whirlwind! She's so quirky and her sense of humour is really coming out now. Unlike when she was little she is now very affectionate and cuddly, hope she's not too distraught when number 2 comes along... She strokes my tummy, kisses it and waves to baby but I suspect that really she doesn't have a clue ... how could you?

    As I have mentioned before R was a slow starter with the talking, understanding everything but saying very little until she hit about 20 months. Since then we have had an explosion of language! There are now new words everyday and I'm so proud image She says nothing on demand, everything is on her terms, the little madame. Oh and she didn't start with easy words but tends to prefer double syllables like 'bubbles' and 'ice cream'! I know she'll still be behind your babas but we are getting there rapidly now and it's so sweet to see x
  • Hi All, I've hardly been on here sine Fraser was born but just found out we'll be expecting number 2 in late Jan/early Feb '12 so just having a quick browse. I can't believe our little ones will be 2 soon. Fraser talks loads, he can say any word he comes accross and even tells people that the 'hydraulics' are broken on daddy's tractor & that you have to wash your hands after playing in the wheat because the rats have got 'leptospyrosis' (I've probably not even spelt those words right but he says them fine). It does mean we have to be so careful what we say! He keeps saying get me coat on, get me wellies on & I keep telling him it's my, not me, and then I realsied that I always say me...I'm going to have to learn to talk prtoperly!

    Hope all is well with everyone, you were all such a great support while I was pregnant last time, especially at the end when i got O.C.

    Best wishes, Helly xxx

    Oh, and someone seems to have nicked my user name (HellyM) since I was last on here & I can't find my profile pic which was a plant & some water- an infinity pool in our honeymoon hotel in Bali, incase anyone didn't recognise me. x
  • Hi Helly, I recognised you straight away image

    Congratulations on bump no.2, were trying for no.3 at the moment. Hope you enjoy your pregnancy!

    Wow sounds like Fraser is a little genious in the making

  • Sorry to hear Lisa has gone.

    Sapphire, were not potty training yet but we do get it out now and then when Ellas nappy is off after a bath. She'll sit on it for a bit but no wee wees yet. Well done Issy and Haiden image

    Glad to hear Roisin is doing well littlerose. Thats so sweet that shes stroking and kissing your bump. I used to love my daughter doing that when I was carrying Ella.

    Ella is my little ray of sunshine, she makes me smile everyday image

    She's an adventerous girly girl who oozes confidence.

    I love her pronounciation of words she learns, for example she says chici for chicken, hoo for shoe, ninar for dinner, bar for bath. But there are an aray of words she can say properly too. She calls her sister Felicity 'Rowri' for some reason?! Its so cute

    Her favourite word at the moment is 'bounce', probably because we have a massive trampoline in the garden but she has taken to bouncing on the sofa and all the beds too!!

    She has definatly learnt to leave the ground with both feet at a younger age then her big sister.

    Can we share pics? You know I love a good piccie :lol:

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