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Goodnight milk - anyone use this? Which do you use? (baby2)

Hi guys

My neighbour gets Cow and Gate Goodnight milk and said its really good so last night I tried Bertie on the HIP Organic Goodnight milk and put his Gaviscon in so it settled well as it is very very thick.

Anyway he woke up 2 hours later and wouldnt settle as he was crying in his sleep and he had wind. I got him up and gave him gripe water and he played in his playpen for half hour and then we went back to bed and he was fine.

Im sure the Goodnight milk gave him tummy ache, has anyone else found this? Do you think its coz I was using the HIP one and not the Cow and Gate one?



  • Hey georgie,
    I found this old post as I was looking for something about goodnight milk.
    We tried the cow and gate goodnight milk last night and again tonight. LO has been getting up through the night from around 2am onwards, but she doesnt seem to be hungry, usually will go back to sleep no problem, but thought we'd give this a try. Last night she was up as usual 5 times between 3.50am and 8.10am when it was time for getting up. However we did have a hectic day yesterday.
    I also find it quite thick, even on the fast flow teats!
    Hopefully we will have a better night tonight as Im exhausted, back to work and up in the night is not good!
    Anyone else used the goodnight milk? Or even using the follow on stage 3 milks?

  • Hiya ladies,

    We've been on C&G stage 3 Follow on Milk since we started weaning. We also use C&G Goodnight milk at bedtime. I thought it best to stay with the same brand that we use during the day. We haven't had any problems with it and this morning we had to wake Alfie at 8.45am..... he went to bed at 8.30pm!

    Shell xx
  • Thanks Shell,
    We're still using C&G first milk, not sure whether to change it or not.
    Oh I wish Cailey would sleep like Alfie lol, Im knackered! Last night she was up just afetr 12, then 4.20am n a couple of times after that! She got up for a bottles at 6.45 but went back to sleep for an hour! Thank goodness!

    Think Im gonna post a post up asking what others think may be causing her to wake!

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