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Got that feeling....

Hi Ladies!

Im back to work a week on Tuesday and i have that 'Sunday Night Feeling' constantly!!! Im trying my best to enjoy my last week or so off with my gorgeous girl but i constantly think about how awful it will be once im back to work.

Anyone else like this? Yesterday was the first day i have left her, her Grandma and Granda too her for the day (Hubbys parents) and i missed her so much. I dont think i will ever get use to it.


Newlook and Lily!


  • Hiya Newlook,

    I'm exactly the same! I start back at work on Monday full time and I'm working 8am - 6pm - such a long first day back!

    My hubby booked this last week off so we could do stuff as a family and make the most of it before I go back but I'm feeling anxious. I really need to buck my ideas up though and enjoy this time as when I go back to work I'll be working every Sunday and every other Saturday and as hubby works Mon-Fri we won't get much family time at all.

    I'm lucky in that my sister is looking after Alfie so I'm not too worried about leaving him although I will miss him. She babysat overnight a few week back and when we picked him up the next day he was really pleased to see us and seemed to appreciate us more so I'm hoping this will be the same when I'm back at work image

    Shell xx
  • Hello! Me too! I dont go back til two weeks today but have had that yucky dreadlike sunday night thing all this week. Feel sad that the maternity/baby era is coming to an end!
  • Its a sad time! image
    Lily is at nursery all morning today (her first proper day there). I left at 8.30 and have rang twice, once she was asleep and now she is still tearful on and off they said - they are trying to keep her busy. I will ring back in an hour. Fingers crossed, my poor baba x
  • We're back from first settle in day at nursery and Sophie loved it. Only there for an hour and a half today and I was just through in staff room having a coffee but got teary. What a numpty! Just hitting me that I am really going back to work and wont have her to cuddle all day every day.
  • Lily hated it today cried most of her 8-1pm slot today, Glad Sophie had fun! How are u feeling now? x
  • Ok now, will just have to accept it I suppose! Going to buy a last chance lottery ticket this week though just in case. Poor Lily and you! When are you back?
  • Good luck with the lotto, i have it on every week too lol

    Im back next Tuesday after the bank holiday. Poor thing. I wish i knew someone who could recommend a childminder as a back up. Im fussy tho so would have to be mega lovely and good one!
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