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First words?

Haiden's was "pear", a few weeks ago xx


  • Aww, so cute!! Bethany's was down!! She sits at her high chair and says down when she is finished image
  • awww very sweet.
    we havent had any proper words yet, we get dada, hiya, and the likes.

  • Pear - thats unusual isn't it. Go Haiden.
    Apart from saying Hiya Daddy all day every day (which is now driving me demented!!) Harrison shakes his head and says 'no, no, no' when being offered food and nana!
  • Orla hasn't really said any words yet. She will say Daddy and Hayden all day long, I'm still waiting for Mummy. I had to wait 2 years for that with my son, he used to call me Wawa! But I'm hoping Orla will say a lot sooner (please please please!)

    Cat xxx
  • Joe has a few words now. He say the norm mama, dada, hiya, Al (his brother) just this week he says eyyyyyyyyye and puts his finger in your eye, gone, done and ball. We are now working on nose!
  • Jack says mama, dada, baba and braaa (tries to say brad his big bro's name). He looks up the stairs and shouts braaaa for brad. Also shakes his head for no - he'll think that's his name at the mo!

    His funniest think at the moment is pretending to answer the phone but it can be anything from the sky remote to his rubber duck. He says eh-oh but in a really loud way like he's shouting and frowns. Soooo funny! We could just sit and watch him for hours x
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