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Anyone ttc this August?

We are going to be!

We would like to try earlier but I had problems with my section scar so we have to wait a year so August it is!

Have just started taking folic acid again which seems so bizarre!! xx


  • We might be! Hubby and are so broody it's crazy.
    I said to hubby a while back that we should wait till after our anniversary (september) next year. Think we got our wires crossed becuase he told a friend we'd be trying from this september eek! We are moving house soon so I would like to settle in first and make sure the little ones are happy before we really stir it up and add another baby into the equation!

    Cat xxx
  • Hey there, that was our original plan ... however now I have been put in a new year group at work (I'm a teacher) - the one that I have wanted since I started teaching - so I am waiting to see how it goes first. i'm trying to do 'head over heart' as I really want to be pregnant again right now! Xx
  • we are already, or at least we were last month, had to leave it this month as my smear came back with "borderline cell changes" (whatever that means) so going for a colposcopy on the 18th may. Technically we didnt have to stop ttc but I would prefer to get myself sorted first cos I know if I needed any kind of treatment that might pose a risk to a pregnancy I wouldnt want them do it, and I have Holly to think about. Im probably over thinking it and they will tell me everything is fine at the appointment but better to be safe than sorry.

    Cant wait to be pregnant again though.
  • We are also talking about it.... we're not ttc just now but we're not being careful either!
    If I could plan it all perfect I would like a march/ april baby lol but thats not always possible!

  • I would love to, but I think it's more likely to be next August. I'm going to be the last August 09 mum to have another one it sounds like!! x
  • Oh so exciting!! We're just about to start ttc again. I thought I'd be going back to work next month but they made me an offer I couldn't refuse so it looks like I'm free to start trying again - yippee!! x
  • Good luck to all of you thinking of TTC soon. We're going to be waiting at least another 1-2 years before we even consider it. I do feel slighty broody, especially now Issy is getting more independent and more grown up. I do miss her being a tiny baby. x
  • i was walking round asda today and they have got the cutest baby clothes to make anyone broody! so sweet!
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