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Weigh ins!



  • Well done Andipink - thats ace!!
  • Right i'm 5 ft 7 and usually a size 10/12 but i put on 4 stone during pregnancy! I know alot but i carried on dancing etc so i don't bloomin understand what happened !?! Anyway so my ultimate goal is to lose 4 stone and get back to my wedding weight. Been on & off dieting since i had my lo so already lost 1 stone meaning i have 3 stone to lose from now (42 lbs)

    Ideal Weight Loss = 42 lbs (3 stone)
    Realistic weight loss = 35 lbs (2 & a half stone)

    11/01= Weigh-in (couldn't possibly add as everyone seems to be so skinny on hereimage
    18/01= 4 Pounds lost
    25/01= 4 pounds lost (woohoo 2 and a half stone to go)
    01/02= 3 pounds lost
    15/03= 3 lb lost (um gave up for a month)
    22/03= 2 lbs lost (16 lbs in total yeay)
    29/03= 2 lbs lost

    2 stone lost, 2 to go!

    Laura x

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  • Right I better put my details in before I completely forget again! My first goal is to be back at pre weight so I have to lose a stone. Next goal will be wedding day weight, but one step at a time!

    20/1- first weigh in
    27/1- 2lb lost (would have liked more but I know I over ate)

    Cat xxx
  • hi girls i've got 6.5 stone to lose, (so dont worry betsyboo you're not alone!!) was over weight when i concieved but after awful pregnancy and spd i ballooned!! started slimming world last week and getting weighed tonight so will post weight loss tomorrow. cant wait to fit into my size 12 jeans again!!!

    27/01/10 - 2 lbs

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  • Hey you all!!

    Firstly well done to you all for sticking with this! Im hoping to be a motivated as you lot!!

    I am 5' 7'' and was 10 and half stone when I fell pregnant but lost 3 stone in the first 3 months as I was off my food, even though I was never sick! I was just under my prepregnancy weight when Lo one was born.

    After having LO i think i went down to about 9st, she was 8lb 7oz at birth.

    I have put on a stone since September and back to a size 12! I seem to just be eating for fun right now, its crazy! So I thought Id come join you all on here to give me a kick up the a**e.

    Im gonna weigh myself tomorrow and post so I can get started!

    How you all doing?

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