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I need cheering up :( Down in the dumps

HI ladies

Im all down in the dumps and need to write it down.
I am back to work in 2 weeks - which i think is the main problem. Lily has been doing nursery visits since April but only half an hour- 40mins at a time as they like you to build it up. Anyway she seemed ok but got upset when i would pick her up when she remember i had gone. We have been away on holiday so she hasnt been for 2 weeks. I took her on Tues morn for half hour, when i went back to get her she was sobbing, big red swollen eyes and and blocthy really upset. They said she hadnt settle at all in that time. So i took her gain yesterday and she screamed as soon as we walked in! I stayed for 10 mins until she settled and then left. When i got back again she was in a right old state. I left in tears, i feel so guilty about leaving her with complete strangers. How must she feel?

So i sat and sobbed all of last night image I gave my self a right headache and felt so upset. Hubby sort of says she will have to learn to get on with it and that she will settle but i dont think he understands how it feels for me. I am her mummy who has been with her for the past 9 months. Its hard enough for me to leave her let alone leave her crying for me.

I am also missing my mum and home. I moved away to live with hubby and i miss home so much, sort of feel a bit stuck here and its getting me down. I dont know what i can do except get on with it and hope everything turns out but since i had Lily i realise how much i would love to be 2mins away from my mum and family.

Rant over! Any advice and hugs welcome image


  • Oh hun

    It is so so so hard I have just come back to work full time i started last tuesday. I am lucky for now as mum is looking after Rose for me but not sure how long she can do that for.

    I have a few friends that the same thing happened to them, and it took a few weeks but now their little ones love going to nursey and they have to fight to get them homeimage

    It's a hard one hun and you are not doing anything wrong at all, she knows you love her and she just needs a little time to get use to the people and babies there image

  • Aw hun huge hugs for you!
    I am also back to work and it is so difficult to leave LO.
    I can also completely understand how you feel with missing home and being away from all your family as I am too.
    Is Lily possibly going through the separation anxiety phase?
    Hopefully her next couple of visits will be better. Does she see you leave onceyou have dropped her there? or do you sneak away?
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