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winding my baby

my baby boy is 8days old and i am finding it difficult to wind him any one got any suggestions


  • Hi hun have u tried lying him across your lap and tapping his back? Also changing his position during winding should help to stretch him out a little and the wind should come up. X
  • my hv suggested sitting them on your lap supporting baby under chin and armpits, and moving them in a circular motion - hard to describe but it works well!
  • We find that if we put our daughter up over our should with her chest resting on it she gets wind up great. We also sit her on our knee supporting her chin. If she can't get any up here then we go for the shoulder which usually works.
  • Have you tried layingbaby on tummy across your lower arm with their chin against your elbow and rubbing their back. Works wonders for Emilie-May.
  • I do what roo85 suggests and it works well with my boy, he doesn't bring it up unless his back is strait either
  • think about when you have wind, best thing is to stand up and move about... hold baby so they are upright, resting over your shoulder and pat and make circles on their back,

    we found the hand under chin postition useless but the other worked everytime, just ind what works for youimage

  • Gatecrashing, my little girl was born in sept 2010, and she had so much trouble in winding! We tried everything and the only thing that worked was to have her sitting on your knee, facing you. Hold her under the arms, and twist her body slowly and gently from left to right. We found this technique in the super nanny book, and honestly, it was a god send. One day she cried 12 hours strait from trapped wind, and this technique sorted her right out. We also started using infacol before every bottle, but I'm not sure when that can be used, please check the age limit. Hope that helps! Xx
  • I have just discovered a new technique that is working so well for my 5 week old baby. Hold your baby against your chest with the head resting undearneath your chin. place one hand under the babies bum and the other hand across the top of baby's back (remembering to supprt the neck) then bounce up and down until your baby burps. We are also using dentinox colic drops too which help xx
  • I do a big circular motion on the back reallllyyyy slowly and a few pats in between. Isnt it wierd how a big burp is the lovliest sound when your winding your baby!!! x
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