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when is everyone weaning babies?

Hey just out of curiousity really when are you going to wean your lo?

I know guidlines say 6 months now, (which i was told that its safe guarding for mums who feed their babies early to sleep through the night.

Toby has reflux quite mild but he has not progressed on his milk at all taking 3 ounces every 3 - 4 hours he alsways seems agitated after and then throws about an ounce up, my instincts are telling me to wean him when he is old enough. He already sleeps through and is putting on weight i just cant shake the feeling that he would prefere it and would be more comfortable.

I weaned my first at 14 weeks as he was a super hungry baby and nothing satisfied him and he was eating finger foods at 5 months he now eats most things and isnt overweight or anything (which apparantly is one of the effects of weaning early benig obese) although i cant help think its mothers who feed there kids crap and mcdonalds at 6 months which yes i have seen people boasting about it on facebook!

Anyway gone off point here lol what do you all think about weaning before 6 months? I mean our mums and granmas all did it at 2-3months and we are all fine!

bit of an essay lol

Kayleigh xx


  • I think you have to go with your instincts to a certain extent but from what I understood the guidelines changed to six months as research showed that babies having solids earlier could develop digestive problems.

    I weaned my daughter at four months which was the guidance then and she has had no problems but I have stuck to the six months rule with my second and will do with my third (who is 13 weeks), but none of mine have had reflux so I can't really say what you should do as it must be hard him being in pain xx
  • hi kaygles

    my henry is 12 weeks old and ive resolved to see how things go. I think 2-3 months is too young personally as they are totally helpless, it was explained to me by my health visitor that prehistoric man would have evolved by crawling on the cave floor and putting bits of food in their own mouths (hence why baby led weaning might be the more natural route) she was explaining that a child that can't reach things and pick them up and put them in their mouths and chew probably doesnt have the ability to digest food very well. For years modern man has spooned mushy food into tiny baby's to make them sleep through without thinking their guts are probably too immature for it. I would imagine food is a lot harder for a baby to digest than milk, although i dont know much about reflux in babies. The health visitor did give a balanced view though - weaning in baby's under 6 months increases food allergies, but that it is VERY hard to wait until 6 months as babies get hungry and start waking in the night.

    My baby is exclusively BF and doing very well, sleeping through occasionally and otherwise waking once for a feed. He is a big boy though and i can't imagine him going to 6 months without getting very hungry. He already feeds hourly in the day so im just going to see how his behaviour changes. I figure breastmilk has protected him to a large extent against allergies so will just get as far as i can go. I also want him to be well used to solids at 8 months when i go back to work. I plan to do a mix of liquidized food to fill him up and some baby led weaning to let him learn about textures of food etc. I think if we get to 5 months ill be happy with that, but wouldnt be happy to wean him yet x
  • i agree 2-3 months is too early, im keeping an eye ion it see how he is he is finaly gone up an ounce whjich is nice but he always seems to struggle and throws up hours after and its either really gloopy or pure water. which i assue is the water seperating with the powder. alfie222 wish i could have bf, i tried but i think coz my kids were nil by mouth first 24 hours we both didnt get it when it came to it.

    gonna get to 4 months and see how he goes i wanna keep him on milk but somethings niggling a me, we will see! image
  • Hi

    My first was weaned at 4 months due to him being always hungry and he is fine. He is not overweight at all in fact is quite skinny.

    My 2nd we started weaning at 4months but used baby fed weaning as he refused(still does) to be fed by anyone but himself. Unfortunatley the reflux got worse with weaning for him (I have been told it can happen occasionally) and he didn't start eating food until he was 1 year old meaning he was practically exclusvely bf until a year. Where hhe was so late actually eating any food as he would just chew and spit out for months he will not eat any fruit at all and still will not have anything that requires a spoon - soup, jelly etc. He has to pick everyhting up with his hands or he refuses to eat at all.

    With Emilie-May we are gonig to wait and see. The baby led weaning was far more beneficial when preparing food and it guaranteed that they were able to cope with it if they could pick it up. She also has bad reflux and is completely dairy free so I will have to wait and see what happens.

    I think as a mother you need to follow the rough guidlines and your gut instinct with common sense after all you do know your child best.
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