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first taste!

At 18 weeks Emilie-May had her first taste of food 3 days ago. ANd absolutely loved it.

She had pureed carrot mixed with breast milk and couldn't get enough. Last night same again and again she couldn't get enough screaming when it had gone.

She was getting to the point where she was screaming all day everyday except when being fed - wnating to be fed every hour and still wanting more when she had finished. She is still sleeping 3 hours at a time at night but was crying the moment she woke up in the morning.

Due to her milk protein allergy and reflux we are maknig her purees at home using my milk but she was much happier after food last night (once it had reached her stomach ) the only problem is now she wants food everytime she sees someone eating!

Am going to try a different puree tomorrow as she will have the last of her carrot puree tonight. My husband is excited as he says she can have a puree for her first xmas dinner! - she gets to wear her xmas bib.

Anyone else weaning before 6 months?


  • I weaned Rebekah at 5 months and she is on 2 meals a day and she won't be 6 months until boxing day. She usually has porridge mixed with her own formula and then a rusk. I am going to start her on fruit this week.
  • i weaned my ds at 16weeks he has reflux too, and is soo much better! I also puree own food and make my own babyrice he loves parsnips, carrots does not like brocolli loves banna and applev and pears he is on 2 meals a day, and also moans when ts taken away, he is a big active boy so he feeds every 3 hours still although after the solid feeds he is starting to go longer image
  • we started yesterday and my son is 5 months tomorrow image he wasnt impressed with the carrot purree yesterday but seemed more interested today. so well see how it goes image i breastfeed every 3.5h during the day and once at night. x
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